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The prisoner Saadi

Saadi was small boy when he accompanied a group from his uncles and relatives when they were searching on his father who lose in strange way when he was go to the nationality directory in( Thee Qar) province at 1971 and in one winter day exactly at 20/12/1971, one of the police platoons found a corpse in the middle of (Tal Al-Lahim) desert which is lie between Al-Nassria and Al-Basra city and took it to Al-Nassria hospital and it seems that Al-Nassria security directorate watch the situation in exact way so it ordered the police to hurry in bury the corpse because of it is unknown , so it bury but the hospital take some pictures to the corpse as it found … in a surprise way some relatives could identify on the corpse through the pictures and the wears and know that it belong to the martyr Audaa Zedaan Khalaf who abducted by Al-Baath men in Al-Nassria so his family go to his burial in ( Om Al-Abbass ) town which lie between Suq Al-Shuyok and Al-Nassria and took out the corpse after two months from its bury and see the places of shooting in his eyes , forehead and left side of his heart . The corpse reached to its hometown in Al-Refaai city and the people of this town revolt in a great demonstration they raised him highly and shout ALLAH AKBAR ( God is Great ) and walk a distance of fifteen Kilometers outside the city which make the director of Al-Refaai security directorate escape from the city without returning …
The tragedy of this not ended, so after two years from their father martyrdom this family surprised when their son Massud who was soldier bring dead from his military directorate in allegation that he suicide for frequency remembers his father but all the evidences on his body refers that he died under the torture. When he died his age was 24 year .
At 1980 the year of war and exactly at 10/4/1980 the followers of Al-Baath regime in the general security directorate arrested the younger son for the martyr Audaa Zedaan Khalaf and he completely disappeared on his family until 1986 , then, appeared that this young went in a long trip of torture and see torture and death closely also he see strange things in a strange prisons , from the general security directorate to Nukrat Al-Salman prison to number one prison to Abu Gareb prison to and to and to , by this way this small young lived .
Saadi narrates the strange stories of Al-Baath prisons when the human bargain on his dignity and they insult him in every step and without any stability …
The prisoners transported from prison to other in close cars and inside it there were huge locks in driving it making strange sound make somebody feel in vertigo and after his reaching to the prison he stagger and may be fall on the land.
Saadi narrates that one time in Abu Gareb prison they divided the prisoners to two groups, one group go and its fate unknown and the other still in the prison suffers from torture and fear.Saadi see when they put the poison in the food of the young martyr (Hussein) from Bab Al-Sheik city .After the signs of poison appears on his face they take him under the plea of cure but he went without returning, immediately after the prisoners declared the hunger strike, so this scared the officials of the prison, so they tried to end it. They were tyrants, rabble without religion and conscience undervalued by the human … I forget important something should mentioned firstly this was after taking the pictures of the martyr's corpse Audaa Zedaan Khalaf to his family, his wife and two from his daughters were hysteric and go on till today and caused in death one of his daughters, his wife became like corpse since 20/12/1971 suffers from many diseases and today she lose utterance, seeing and hearing just a extended skeleton. As for Saadi he suffers from years of torture and fear which he spend in the regime prisons. And struggle the life in supporting his mother and sisters.
Faheem Dakhel Kareem