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The martyr Muhammad Shaial Al-Imshaani

Muhammad was at the age of 19th in 1981 and after completion the high school with distinction . His hope was to finish his university studying. He grows religious at the time that Al-Baath telltales write the reports on those people who they doubt by their loyalty to the regime, and because of these reports large attacks of arrests started without stopping. In short time most of his friends disappeared, so he wants to hide away, but his father prevented him because he thinks that a Man should arrest on a crime that he commits not on thoughts. The father doesn't know that this country under Saddam's ruled. He looks at his small age and thinness body and thinks that even the regime arrested him they will release him. He didn’t know that the unknown mass graves wait his son. At July of 1981 a white car stopped near the street. Was carrying members of the public army, a witnessed say: somebody dismounted and ordered a boy to ask Muhammad's family if he in his house or not. The boy enter the house and ask Muhammad's mother (is Muhammad here?) she answered (He goes to the mosque). The boy went, after a few hours the door knocked. Karem Muhammad's brother opened the door, three armed men entered, one of them says: we were chase a deserter and we think that he entered here. Karem says: nobody here, meanwhile his brother Muhammad and his father stands beside him. It appeared that this was their way to enter the secure homes. When they see Muhammad asked his brother about his ID card who was not carry it then ask for Muhammad's ID card so after reading his name they says : come in ! Karem says: where? They answered to the party office we have some Questions then he will back. It was the beginning of the Eternal farewell, since this time Muhammad's fate became unknown like his grave ,so the sadness stay ablaze in the hearts . Days and months passed with Muhammad's arrested .His father blame himself always because he allowed taking him.
For Muhammad's mother, there was no one suffers like her. She was drowning in deep sadness and long crying. A few days pass and she became cling by a weak glimpse of hope. With others sad women they were move through the security directorates asked about their sons but this searching without hope. Also she suffers from the hard treat by those Bad people of Al-Baath party who divest from their humanity. What happened by these families shake the conscience but all these actions did not turn away the strugglers on the right way and overthrow the tyrant Saddam.
Kefah Haider
In adaptation from (the bloody time Book)