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The decision of employment Dr. abdul-Jabbar Abdul-Allah as a president of Baghdad University

Dr. Abdul-Jabbar born in Kalat Salih, Messan province on 1911, and he finished the high school in Baghdad on 1930. He had Bachelor’s degree of sciences from the American university in Beirut on 1934. He got doctorate in physics from Mesatshoset institution (MIT) for technology in United States, which is considered one of the highest institutions in the world. He employed as a professor and a president of department of physics in collage of education in Baghdad from 1949 to 1958, during this period he is nominated as a researcher in New York university between years of 1952 and 1955; At 1958 he was appointed as a secretary-general of Baghdad University and as a deputy of the president of the university, and he continued until 1959. At 1959 he is appointed as a president of the same university. He had many important researchers. He was a member of many scientific universities in United States and Europe. He continued in his position until the bloody revolution of 8 February where he is deposed, is arrested, and is exposed to an insulting treatment.
The truth is every Iraqi people feel pride by this genius scholar. The leader Abdul-Kareem Kassim* saw his high grade, patriotism, faithful to Iraq and the upraising of 14 July, and he decided to employ him as a president of Baghdad University for raise it to the grade of high universities.
I like to write those two stories to give the reader an idea about the large difference between the period of the leader Abdul-Kareem Kassim and the period of the tyrant Saddam Hussein.
The first story:
The leader abdul-Kareem Kassim was a sincere man. He wasn’t distinguishes between Iraqis. He preferred the interest of Iraq firstly. He planned to open a great university to serve Iraq, so he chose the most wonderful place in Baghdad, which is surrounded by Tigris River from three sides. This area distinguished by its nice atmosphere and people can reach it via air through modern roads net and also through the Tigris River by specified boats. He entrusted its design to the most famous architect of the world, he is Lokorbezeh (United States), and at the same time he chose Dr. abdul-Jabbar to be a president for this new university.
Dr. abdul-Jabbar was Iraqi belongs to sect of Alsabeaa al-Mandaieen * This subject doesn’t mean anything to abdul-Kareem Kassim because he considers him just an Iraqi man, and he was pride by all the Iraqis.
abdul-Kareem suggested this name to be a president for Baghdad university in front of council of ministers explained his high scientific international capability, so he will presents a lot for the university(as he said). Some members in the council were supported by the lieutenant general Najeeb al-Rubaiee, the president of sovereignty council suggested Dr. abdul-Azez al-Duri and another character.
The leader abdul-Kareem Knew the reason behind suggesting Dr. al-Duri and the other name for this position; the most important reason because of Dr. abdul-Jabbar was not a Muslim, and at the same time the leader was know the relations of Dr. al-Duri with the British intelligence.
This was the only time that the leader insists on his position and forces the council on acceptance. al-Rubaiee tried to procrastinate. The leader was reminds him in every weekly meeting of the council with the file of the president of the university, and he always pretends that he forget it in the house. This position continued for two months and the subject was very important as to the leader. In one of the meetings and when the leader opened the same subject al-Rubaiee pretends, that he lost the file. The leader said: “Because I am the general leader of the national armed forces I will disband the council of sovereignty and formed a new one because there are many things are blocked”. After that al-Rubaiee show the file and the entire are approved and signed for employing Dr. abdul-Jabbar as a president of Baghdad university.

The second story:-
My professor of mathematics Mr. Talib Mahmood Ali (was graduated from London University with honoring degree of mathematics). Professor Talib was arrested during the bloody revolution of 8 February 1963, and he was jailed in a small cell was full of prisoners of different levels. He told me that he met Dr. abdul-Jabbar in the prison saying “we were in the same cell one beside the other and leaning on the wall by this way we were sleep and sit down without any movement”. He adds “I respected him very much for his high sceintific grade. I wasn’t able to look at him for his dignity, so always I was looking stealthily at him, and watched him dive into a deep thinking and cries”. One time in our way to the WC I sat beside him and after greeting introduced myself. I was very shy, after a period of time we became friends. One day I asked him about the reason of his crying. He said: “In the Physics department there was a failure student in my class. I tried to help him many times, but He didn’t well; in spite of this I help him and support him to succeed”. He adds: “On 14 Ramadan 1963* a group of the National Guards had come to my house for arrest me, and the failure student was one of them. I asked few minutes to change my dresses and go with them and I know I didn’t commit any thing. I changed my dresses. This failure student slapped my cheek by a strong way made me unbalanced and fell on the earth. He abused me and took my pen, which I was like it. It was of ruby a gift from the famous scientist Albert Anshtain. I was using it just for signing the doctorate certificates. This was the reason of my crying and my sorrow when I remember this accident”.

*The prime minister, the general leader of armed forces, and the minister of defense of Iraq at 14/July 1958 until 9 February was participated with a group of leaders at 14/July 1958 by overthrowing the royal authority and declaring the Iraqi republican. He was known by high patriotism, and altruism for the poor classes, which he was, belongs.
*A religious sect in Iraq belongs to Prophet Adam.
*The day of the Bloody revolution of the Baath regime