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Men from the period of ordeal

A brave group known by their patience, faith, patriotism, and resistance to the Baath party and its tyrant Saddam decided to struggle the injustice and made many attacks against the party’s centers. Heroic operations against the Baath supervisors the most important one was assassinating the minister of religious endowments of the former regime abdul-Allah Fadhil Abbass on 11/1/1997 after the implementation they left the country, and then they returned after a one year. Today we write about a brave man from this group, He is Laith Adil Ali. He lost his father when he was a young. He lived with his brothers Ali and Wissam, and his sister Najlaa. Laith was struggled the tyrants of Baath. He wasn’t submitting to the injustice of the tyrants; as a result to many operations like assassinating the minister of religious endowments of the Baath regime. He arrested with his brothers in their city (al-Jehad Quarter), and their money was confiscated; he and his friends.
The martyr and his brother were saw a lot of torture kinds and also his family suffered a lot from pursuit. After a period of time his brother Ali was released, and then he was died after a period as a result to the torture in the prison. On year of 2000 they confiscated the money of the family and executed the brave martyr Laith al-Waaili, and his corpse didn’t receive to his family; after the overthrowing of the tyrant Saddam his corpse was found in a mass grave.