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Mothers subdued the Baath party by their patience

The martyr Nazar Fadhil Hasson. He was born in 1962. He was a single and the only son to his family. He was belongs to Islamic al-Dawa party in al-Sadir city. He was struggled the Baath party by his patience, and he was known by resistance to its repressive ways. His family suffered a lot after his martyrdom. He was arrested more than one time and after long pursuit he left the city and went to his relative in al-Dewania province; after a period he missed to his family and especially his mother, so he returned to his house, and there he arrested and martyred.
He arrested finally on 5/9/1987 and executed after 45 days. His family received his corpse, and the Baath party prevented them from making the consolation for him, but in spite of this his father made it. The Baath arrested his father and tortured him a lot then they released him.
After 5/9/1987 his mother suffered a lot and began with his father by searching in the directorates of security of the tyrant Saddam, But without any result. After a month the mother found her son in one of the military places. She talked with the security men, and they told her that she cannot see him, but she insisted a long until they accepted. she saw him with the effects of torture on his body. She also saw an effect of ink on his thumb; it was the effect of the signature of his execution. He didn’t say anything except one sentence (my mother they will executes me). After a week they call up his family for receiving his corpse. In the morning his family received his pure corpse and the security fined them the sum of the bullets of the execution. After his martyrdom his family suffered a lot from the annoyances of the Baath security, so they were compelled on sale their house and loss everything, but they don’t lose the hope that there are men struggles the Baath tyrants and Saddam until making the victory and got the freedom for the new Iraq.