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A motherhood is killed treacherously and childhood be under the protection of God

One day I remembered the hard times, when the Baath party was rule Iraq. The tool of death rends its bowels. Killed the free men, women, and children. Hence I remembered the story of Mrs. Amal Muhammad Jawad. She was live in Alsalm Qarter in Altubjee city. She grew up in a religious family. She was preserving the prayer and the religious duties. Hashim Abid uon was her husband. He was a religious and educated man. He believed with the thoughts and the principles of martyr Muhammad Baqir Alsadir. He was taking part from his simple salary for buying the Books of martyr Muhammad Alsadir. She also believed with these principles, so she participated in the first demonstration on 1980 in Alkathimia city and claimed to release the religious man Muhammad Baqir Alsadir. After a period of time they have a baby named Aarif for a good omen with the name of Martyr ( Aarif Albasri ). One day when they were in the home the Baath followers attacked the house and arresting Hashim and they tortured him savagely. After two days in the midnight they attacked the house and arrested all of the family; his mother, his three brothers, and his wife Amal with her baby. In the general security directorate. They tortured them in front of each other, but they couldn’t take any confession. They want to revenge from them, so they killed Hashim in front of his wife by (meat chopper). They threw him in the meat chopper. It was very savage way for killing. She couldn’t forget this view. Hashim’s brothers also killed under the torture in the prison. After two days they released Hashim’s mother, and they gave Amal the option between giving the baby to his grandmother or staying with her. It was a difficult decision, but she decided to give the baby to his grandmother because she didn’t know her fate in the prison. She suffered a lot in the prison they were give her a little quantity of food and water. One day in June when Amal was sitting; somebody form the Baath men came and apologized about torture and suffering in the prison and tell her that she will released, and he presented yogurt and date. She was fasting, so she became very happy with this food and drank the yogurt to irrigate the thirst. He deceived her because the food was poisoned. She became very happy because of that she will return to her house and see her baby.
Now I will leave speaking to her sister (the political prisoner), Nidal Muhammad Jawad to completes the story.
She said: Amal returned to the house after a long trip in the general security directorate for 14 days. She was very sick suffered from pain, emaciated, pale, and her fever was very high, So she asked to put in a bathtub of water and ice. She was moaning. Her hair began to fall out little by little. We were confused with her health, So we send for a doctor. who said ( you should be happy, you have a martyr) and he told us that she is poisoned and these are the effects of the poisonous mercury, which is foisted into the food. Then he added that ( Salwa Albahrani is sleeping in the hospital, and she suffers from the same symptoms)*. We took her to the hospital and the car of the security forces is follow us. They were watch the house. In the hospital Salwa and Amal were in the same room suffered from the poison with 91 youths. They also released after deception with poison in the food. This was the way of the Baath party in killing his enemies. Me and my mother were care Amal and Salwa, but when they need the doctor the security forces were prevent the help. Salwa is died and after one day Amal asked to see her baby Aarif then she died. Nidal said: Aarif’s age was 7 months. He suffered a lot. He was crying in day and night. He stayed with his grandmother until today. This was the story of Amal and her family.

*A great martyr, she resisted the Baath regime in the beginning of 1970 with martyr Muhammad Baqir Alsadir and his sister Amina and others strugglers.

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