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Martyr Ibtihaj Abbass Alnwab

I tried to write about an Iraqi martyr. She was a tragic heroine. She was a pupil in the school of The martyrs Muhammad Alsadir and his sister Bint Alhuda. I tried and tried, But I couldn’t. So I gave free to my Pin to write on the paper to say: The martyr Ibtihaj was a heroine from Alkathimia city. The city of Koran, prayer, and religion. She was born in 1958. She graduated from technology institution, department of geometric. She grew up in this city and learned the resistance and the challenge to the tyrants although that this lead to jail. Little by little she personified the real meaning of Islam. She was sew veils and give it to the women who couldn’t buy it. She married the struggler khalel Alnuri. He was a student in collage of engineering despite of the difference between them because of she was rich, and he was poor. She stipulated that her dowry should be as our lady Fatima Alzahra ( Prophet Muhammad’s daughter ). At 1980 in the events of executions and arresting which prevailed tens thousands people. She was volunteering to the Dawa Islamic party with her husband. They worked to resist the Baath party. She was charged with difficult functions, and she do it with courage and without hesitation. After a period; her husband was arrested, but she continued with struggling and participated with helping a lot of her comrades, who were wanted to escape to Iran and Syria,. Her name became known in the security directorates. She became wanted and they begin searching for her in everywhere. Her comrades advised her to run away outside of Iraq, but she refused and said: " who will stay in Iraq if I and others left it? ". By this way she was a great woman carry a great case of a subdued nation and a wounded people. she arrested after four years in Kharkh sercrity directorate. She was tortured by lieutenant Kareem Muhammad Mukhlif; surnamed ( Ali Alyasiri ). They tortured her father and brother in front of her, but she resisted all the challenges. After months she was sentenced with execution by the criminal Awad AlBandar the chief of Althawra court. She screamed happily after hearing the judgment. She was transferred to Alrashad prison and lived with the two martyrs Rajiha Kathim and Shukria abdul-Ghafoor. One of the prisoners say: “ Ibtihaj remained in Alrashad prison for 23 days. She was spend her time with praying, crying so much, embracing the Koran, invoking God, and she always was read the verse of the holy Koran “By the time that the human is in lost except those who believe and work righteous deeds and exhort one another to truth and exhort one another to patience”. When they told her about the time of execution she became very happy and dressed white clothes and be as a bride. She saw off her friends in the prison and went to her fate; “God bless her”.

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