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The foundation holds exhibition of martyrs' images in the first honorary conference for the martyrs and the creative leaders

The foundation held exhibition of the martyrs' images and the documents which condemn the dictatorship regime of Saddam. This exhibition came by the occasion of the first honorary conference for the martyrs and the creative leaders, which was held by Aldawa Islamic party, under the title " From the martyrs and the creative leaders we learn faith, sacrifice, patient, and honesty " and under the auspices of, the prime minister, Nuri Almaliki, who praised the martyrs' role saying: " The Iraqi martyrs kept their promise towards Allah by publishing the thoughts which are leads to a state nor those which leads to an individual. He added that the martyr Muhammad B. Alsadr and his followers changed the way of the Islamic thought through directing towards the one which leads to politically and socially nation including leading the human to the good and probity.
The chief of the preparation committee, Hussein Alshami praised the martyrs' heroisms by resisting the dictatorship, and thanked the foundation for presenting the best services for the martyrs' families.
During the conference they distributed armors of honoring to the martyrs' families. It attended by the chief of the foundation, Dr. Admir Alkhuzaai, the general manager of economic and social directorate, Akeel Alkifaai, and the members of care council, Atoor Almusawi, and Intisar Ashoor.

ادخل الحروف والأرقام الموجودة في الصورة:
غير حساس لحالة الأحرف