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The league of martyrs' families holds its first cultural constituent program

Under the auspices of the prime minister, Mr. Nuri Almaliki and the title of " By the fathers' bloods and the sons' hands we are building Iraq"; the league of martyrs' families held its first cultural constituent program for the league's members. The foundation's chief, Dr. Amir Alkhuzaai deputized on the prime minister. The first meeting opened with reading verses from the Holy Koran for the martyrs' families then discussing its internal system. The attendance voted on the new name of the leagues to be (The league of martyrs' families) instead of (The league of martyrs' sons). The league held a documental exhibition for its activities. It also included more than 100 images documents the crimes of Baath party against the Iraqi people. Alkhuzaai toured in the exhibition and praised the employees' efforts. The member of care council, Mr. Ayoob Kassim and relations' manager, Mrs. Kitam Muhan accompanied Alkhuzaai in his tour. Alkhuzaai listened to the league's problems. They also presented suggestions to issue ID for the members, employment a member in every directorate to help the league with its work, and allocate a budget for the cultural center in the directorates. Alkhuzaai agreed on all thses demands.
In the evening meeting at the second day the member of Karbala governorate council, Dr. Akeel Alkhazali addressed a lecture about developing the qualifies of the youths to help them in building themselves and their society to be the future's leaders, because of the martyrs' families, who rely on them to build the new Iraq. In the end Alkhuzaai presented an appreciation letter to Alkhazali for his efforts in developing the individual abilities to the martyrs' families. The minister of youths and sport also visited the exhibition and he emphasized on the youth's role in rebuilding the new Iraq. He allocated functions for 30 member in the league to employed them in the ministry supporting to the martyrs' families.