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Muhammad Alhindawi visits the foundation

The chief of martyrs and political prisoners committee, sheik Muhammad Alhindawi and the committee's members, Abdul-illah Alnaili, Ali Abdul-Nabi, and Najiha Al-amiri visited the foundation and meet with its chief, Dr. Aamir Alkhuzaai , its members of care council, and its opinion's commission. They launched nineteen points for discussion. They also discussed a number of subjects, like; the rights of the martyrs' families, amending some articles of the foundation's law because of it is the basic in obtaining the rights to the martyrs' families, as well as using the media aspect to make pressure on the ministries to facilitate the transactions of the martyrs' families, and urged the foundation to speed completion of the martyrs' authentication and give them numbers of authentication. The committees' members emphasized on their support to the foundation and their readiness to adopt all the foundation's cases in the parliament and in any other place.