The Vice president of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation visit Al-Rusafa Martyrs Directorate

The Vice-president of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation visited the al-Rusafa Martyrs Directorate. During the visit, the mr. Kasim has been discussed the mechanism  that could help and service of Martyrs families services , and the work of the divisions and units of the Directorate and listen to the opinions and needs of the staff.

In addition, he urge them to serve the martyrs and facilitate government procedures for their dealings. At the end of the meeting, he paid for the efforts of the

The President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation is taking over the apartments in Samaaya for her beneficiaries

The President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, handed over the apartments of the Samaya to citizens with martyrs. For those who were not present to receive the "residential apartment" at the ceremony held at the foundation headquarters, last Sunday 27/May.

Those apartments were distributed at the Basimaya residential complex, for those whose names had previously appeared.For their part, the martyrs thanked and appreciated the efforts of the foundation in obtaining their rights and benefits

The Iraqi Armed Forces Martyrs ' Association extends its thanks and appreciation to the Director and staff of the Department of Victims of Terrorism

The Director general of the Department of Victims of Terrorism of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, Tariq Al-Mandalawi, received the delegation of the Iraqi Army martyrs and wounded. During the meeting, the service was confirmed for this sacrifice, which made sacrifices to preserve the country's land. Mr. Al-Mandalawi indicated that there were administrative and legal facilities for the inclusion of the wounded whose disability was 30% under AL-Shuhadaa Foundation Act. To guarantee their legal... [Details]

Al- shuhadaa Foundation agrees with the Baghdad Agriculture Directorate/RUSAFA to determine the plots of residential land for the martyrs

The President of the AL-Shuhadaa Foundation agreed with the agriculture director of Baghdad, Abdulelah Qasim, to determine the plots of land in Baghdad Governorate.  However, she construction on that land should be in good places, specialize to distribute as plots of land for the martyrs and for the three groups. For his part, Mr. Abdelelah Kassem stressed the cooperation with the foundation regarding residential land. He added that Iraq had given enormous sacrifices, so we must work... [Details]

Citizens ' Affairs section in a meeting with the Government Coordination Service of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers

The Citizens ' Affairs Section held a periodic meeting in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers , with the Government Coordination service. In the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, the Parties discussed the problems and obstacles facing of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation Act No. 2 of 2016. To find solutions with the ministries and bodies that are not affiliated with the ministry, they did not fulfill the demands of the people of the martyrs. According to the law... [Details]

The Ministry of Labor decides to extinguish the debts caused by the martyr

... [Details]

250 apartments  has delivered for martyrs in AL- Bsamaya residential complex

Under the patronage of the President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, Ms. Shahad Abdel Amermari, in the presence of the chief Investment Authority and directors General. In addition to a large number of martyrs, AL-Shuhadaa Foundation held on Sunday 27 May. The ceremony has draw the lottery and distribute 250 apartments for martyr's families. At AL- Basuma residential complex for those whose names appeared earlier. President of the National Investment Authority Dr. Sami Alarraji... [Details]

Distribution of 250 apartments from the Basumaya Complex for martyrs ' homes

... [Details]

A delegation of the National Centre for the documentation of the crimes of the Baath Party visits the Al-Siacin Prisoners Foundation

A delegation from the National Centre for the documentation of Baath crimes has visited the director of the Centre, Mr. Ahmed al-Mawla, the prisoner's foundation. Both sides has met with the legal department, Mr. Ali al-Nueri. In addition, they discussed the mechanism of joint cooperation between the National Centre ; and the Archives of Prisoners. In order to document the difficult period, that has passed on the Iraqi people during the Baathist rule. This meeting has... [Details]

Postgraduate studies of the rights of martyrs at the Al-Technological University

The scientific section of the AL-Shuhadaa Foundation has announced that the university's approval of the introduction of postgraduate studies for the academic year (2018-2019). Through the nomination of students from the "Baath Party crime martyrs. The martyrs of the popular crowd" form the Model No. (2 0 5). A form (700) is specific to the nomination of those covered by the provisions of the Law on compensation for victims of war operations, military errors and terrorist operations. ... [Details]

Mass Graves Day

On this day every a year, Iraqi people recall a painful memory. It was the day of mass graves, which came to commemorate the lives of thousands of Iraqi martyr's. Who are absent from the system of annihilated resurrection, and his ears from the takfiris and the terrorists.  In mass graves day will remain a testament to the magnitude of the crime committed against the Iraqi citizens. Since the first day of Al-shuhadaa Foundation has worked on research and excavation of the remains... [Details]

AL-Shuhadaa Foundation suffers from a lack of financial allocations

Under the difficult circumstances faced by Iraq, the conflict in Al-Shuhadaa Foundation and the Ministry of Finance. One of the continuing meetings of the President of the Foundation, Ms. Abdul Amir al-Shammari, has included a number of investors. For the purpose of enhancing the financial reality of the institution to raise financial revenues. By completing its obligations to compensate the martyrs ' relatives. The President of the Foundation has received the investor Muhammad... [Details]

President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation holds a meeting to discuss strengthening of the Martyrs Support Fund

The President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, Ms. Abdul Amir al-Shammari, discussed the financing of the Martyrs Fund. According to the provided for in Act No. 2 of 2016. The reasons for financing the Fund and the mechanisms and solutions. The funds can be activated to enable the foundation to invest it in the form of services for the martyrs ' relatives. This came at a meeting of the Director-General of the Department of Martyrs Victims of Baath Party crimes. In addition... [Details]

Al-Shuhadaa Foundation receives the delegation of the United Nations Mission

Al-Shuhadaa Foundation /the Department of mass grave Affairs and protection, received the delegation of the United Nations Mission.  Nevertheless, they are headed by the Chief of the protection of civilians, wherein law enforcement Section-Human rights office Mr. David Marshall.  This visit has came for the purpose of updating the service's information, which would assist in the writing of its periodic report. On the reality of mass graves in Iraq. However, the officials... [Details]

The National centre in Al-Shuhadaa Foundation provides the Abbasid threshold; with documents relating to the Shabaniyah uprising

A delegation from the National Centre for the documentation of the Baath Crimes of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation. Headed by Mr. Ahmed al-Mawla, visited the Brigadier General's Centre for Strategic Studies of the sacred Abbasid al-Abida. However, both sides have been discussed the issue of the Al-Sha'baniyah al-Mubarak, wherein the status of the Al-Sha'baniyah Intifada was handed over to the Brigadier general. The two sides agreed to open the horizon of cooperation between the foundation.... [Details]

Al-Shuhadaa Foundation celebrates the occasion of Imam Mahdi's birth

Under the patronage of the President of the AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, Ms. Abdul Amir al-Shammari. Al-Shuhadaa Foundation held a ceremony on the occasion of the Imam al-Mahdi al-Montazeri in Thursday 3/May/2018 on the Jadiriyah Hall. In the presence of the Vice-President and Director-General of the Department of Victims of Terrorism, wherein a number of staff. Vice-President of the Foundation, Mr. Kazim Aouid Massoud, in a speech that permeated the ceremony. Congratulations... [Details]

On the occasion of the birth of Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi (as) AL-Shuhadaa Foundation congratulate Islamic nation

President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation offers the most beautiful congratulations and my highest greetings to the whole world on this ceremony. Especially, those who accompanied the expected imam; through the sacrifices of their martyrs. Who were shining lights and suns on the sacred journey of waiting him. We are calling on the God to bless us with his generous appearance. By repay us for his victory and to uphold his flag of truth across the globe. May Allaah bless the Imam al-Mahdi (as) and save... [Details]

President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation from Basra city: Caring for martyrs and everyone's responsibility

The President of the AL-Shuhadaa Foundation met with Minister of Petroleum, engineer Jabbar al-Alaibi.  In the meeting and they discussed the support of the Martyrs ' Fund of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation. Which is the proceeds of the martyrs ' Rights and based on the law of the institution. In addition to using the services of the Ministry of Oil to complete the projects (residential complexes) of martyrs ' relatives in Basra Governorate. It has interrupted because of the... [Details]

President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation demands the government be fair with martyrs

During themeeting with the Minister of Transport, the President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation demanded "support of the Ministry of Transport for the Martyrs ' Fund in fixed and monthly amounts. The Ministry of Transport gave the Al-Shuhada Foundation some investment concessions in its projects. The minister called for "the involvement of the Ministry of Transport in the completion of residential projects. Established by the foundation in Basra Governorate. This includes the completion... [Details]

President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation Congratulations on the occasion of World Labor Day

On the occasion of the first May of world Labor Day, we extend our warmest congratulations and blessings to the working class. We ask God to help them to provide more good and tender. In addition to make them more dedicated and loyal in their constructive service. The celebration of the working class is a tribute to the great role of workers. In the construction and reconstruction process. In appreciation of their great efforts to support the Iraqi economy and their active participation.... [Details]

President of Al-Shuhada Foundation met with Basra Governorate

... [Details]

Al-Shuhadaa Foundation delegation meeting with the European Union Mission on the grant in respect of mass grave

AL-Shuhadaa foundation has held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Between the representative (Ministry of Foreign Affairs-Department of Europe. Under the chairmanship of Ambassador Bakr Fattah and the Martyrs Foundation-Department of Mass Graves Affairs. In addition to the Ministry of Health, Department of Forensic Medicine). With the foreign parties represented (the European Union Mission in Iraq (EULEX) and the International Committee for Missing Persons (ICMP). Both sides have... [Details]

President of AL-Shuhadaa foundation visit Basra Martyrs ' directorate

The President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, Abdul Amir al-Shammari, visited Basra Governorate on Sunday, 29 April/2018 . It held an extensive meeting attended by the staff of the Foundation and a number of martyrs. The President of the Foundation initiated the meeting with a substantive reading of the circumstances of the institution. In addition to the question of the laws concerning the rights of martyrs. Which have been initiated in Parliament without allocating the necessary funds.... [Details]

Al-Shuhadaa Foundation evaluates a workshop for modern methods of strategic planning

Al-Shuhadaa Foundation, in cooperation with the Shiite Waqf Diwan, has set up a workshop on "Modern Methods of strategic planning. According to the modern DCA methodology, i.e. increasing the development capabilities of the employee in the enterprise. To learn how to work on those new methods. The workshop was attended by the Director of the Administrative and financial department and all the directors of departments. These courses come from the constant concern of the institution,... [Details]

The fourth meal to visit the sacred thresholds in Iran

The fourth meal, with a total of 51 martyrs, was launched on Friday, 2018/4/27. With the number of participants attending the sacred thresholds in the Islamic Republic of Iran. At competitive prices and for a period of 10 days. It should be noted that the Social welfare department of the Martyrs ' Foundation worked to activate the recreational aspect provided. By the law of the institution, compensating the martyrs of the victims. For the injustices and injustice suffered throughout... [Details]

Al-Shuhadaa Foundation examines two important files with the popular crowd in AL-Muthanna

Al Muthanna Martyrs ' directorate and the Office of the People's Assembly in Samawah. Has been discussed the benefits of martyrs, including the plots of land belonging to the martyr's family. Which have not yet received a plot of land. However, the municipality of Samawah has prepared and completed all the procedures. For the files and the next few days will witness the distribution of a new meal for the martyrs ' families. On the other hand, the delegation examined... [Details]


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