Head of the Hajj mission to inspect the pilgrims of the martyr's families at their residence


Delivery of financial letter to construction companies by the vice president of the Foundation


The Ministry of Labour opens the presentation for the Martyr's families in the Loan Fund program

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has  given order for Martyr's families of martyrs wishing to submit to the Loan Fund program. The training and employment service has completed the loan procedures for the victims of martyrs within the Lending Fund programme, "pointing to" the 12/8 date for the start of the submission. For the inclusion of martyr's families in the Loan Fund programme through the training and operating service outlets in Baghdad and the governorates. ... [Details]

Pilgrims of Martyr's families visit Historic Places in Medina

After visiting the Prophet's Mosque, the tomb of the Great Apostle and the Imams of the martyr's families. The convoys of the pilgrims went to visit the historic and sacred places in Medina. The Media delegation's has revealed that these places include the host of Imam Hassan, the Qaba Mosque, the mosque of Qibla, the seven mosques and the tomb of Sayed al-Hamzeh. A detailed explanation was also offered by the mentors and convoy managers of the places visited... [Details]

The National Center for the Documentation of the crimes of resurrection is looking with al-Kazimi

The director of the Baath Party crime Documentation Centre, Mr. Ahmed, met with Mr. Moin Al-Kazimi, chairman of the Committee for the commemoration Ways to cooperate towards the common goal of commemorating, and documenting the Speicher massacre. This has came during Al-Mawla's visit to the press, where the importance of exchanging information, data and visits was discussed. The formation of joint commissions to achieve the goal is to document the Speicher massacre perpetrated by... [Details]

The representative of the Association of Banks has thanks the AL-Shuhadaa Foundation

Mr. Tariq al-Mandalawi discussed with the representative of the Chairman of the Association of Iraqi private Banks, Mr. Nur al-Hanzal.  For new steps of cooperation and joint action between AL-Shuhadaa Foundation and the Association of Iraqi private banks. This association has a strong and joint relationship and work with the Central Bank of Iraq, and also enjoys a high profile in the relevant circles. Al-mandalawi praised the projects that the association had supported.... [Details]

AL-Shuhadaa Foundation open up 12 Graves of  martyrs in Anbar Governorate

The team of the protection and mass graves Department of the AL-Shuhadaa Foundation opened the cemetery in al-Anbar Governorate. Those graves have been belonged to the victims (Muthanna) who were kidnapped between 2014 and 2015 by the terrorist organization and were killed. Twelve of the remains of the martyrs were found in the Al-Aqal cemetery in Anbar Governorate. A source in the technical team said that the security items there had opened the cemetery earlier, which was... [Details]

President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation discusses with a number of companies the investment

... [Details]

Iraqi Media Network honors the President of the AL-Shuhadaa Foundation with a creative shield

The Iraqi media network honored AL-Shuhadaa Foundation (in the creative shield). An appreciation of the efforts made to serve the group of Martyr's families. Ms. Al-Shammari was honored on behalf of the network's, Mr. Haidar Al-Bader, director of information and relations in the network, and his deputy Ali al Saadi. During the meeting, the president of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation claimed  the Iraqi Media network to cooperate with the foundation. In allocating... [Details]

1207 plots  has given to the martyr's relatives

The Governorate of Dhi Qar has given (1207)  land to the groups of martyr's families. It has included a five administrative units in the governorate in AL-Shatrah district, and And the Market of Sheikhs and also in AL-Nasar place. The distribution was carried out in accordance with the electronic lottery system, which took place in the Hall of the municipality of Nasiriyah and in the presence of a delegation from the Dhi Qar Martyrs Directorate. The President of AL-Shuhadaa... [Details]

Another convoy of pilgrims of martyr's relatives to the House of God

AL-Shuhadaa Foundation has been operation of the pilgrims to the Beit Allah al-Haram this year. Where the tours of the martyrs ' families and the dates prepared. In cooperation between the foundation and the Iraqi hajj and Umrah authority has continued. It has traveled on Saturday, three air flights, and 12 convoys were launched by road at dawn on Sunday from the Holy district of Karbala, heading for the hajj pilgrimage to Beit al-Haram. All flights to pilgrims of... [Details]

The AL-Shuhadaa Foundation's quest to develop the skills of the martyr's familie  included an agreement between the Foundation and the Ministry of Tra

... [Details]

The AL-Shuhadaa Foundation's quest to develop the skills of the martyr's familie  included an agreement between the Foundation and the Ministry of Tra

... [Details]

The arrival of the passports of the martyr's relatives and the pilgrims continues in a very smooth way

... [Details]

The first flights of the martyrs ' pilgrims to the Beit al-Haram were launched this evening

... [Details]

President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation confirms  the pilgrims of the martyr's families are on schedule

On Monday, 30 July 2018, the first convoys of pilgrims with martyr's families were launched from the Baghdad airport of the holy city. To perform the Hajj rites of the year. The head of the foundation was attended in addition to the Director of public and Media communications Dr. Ahmed Al- Gerah farewell to the pilgrims from Baghdad International Airport. The head of the foundation, while saying goodbye to pilgrims at Baghdad International Airport, and she mentioned "the pilgrims... [Details]

A meeting betweenAL-Shuhadaa Foundation and the Ministry of Finance

The Director General of the Department for Victims of Terrorism,  Mr. Tariq al-Mandalawi, claim the Ministry of Finance to facilitate the procedures for releasing financial allocations. It's has concerning the compensation files for the martyr's relatives and the injured people, as well as the pension of missing persons. In order to facilitate the work of the committees, to carry out their transactions and to disburse the amounts of compensation to all beneficiaries and persons covered by the provisions... [Details]

The support of the employees of AL-Shuhadaa foundation is the real guarantee of serving the martyr's families

The president of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation said "One of our priorities is to provide full support to the staff". In order to make efforts to serve the martyr's relatives. The work requires a high level of professional competence of the staff. The health department has called for the documentation of the demands of the health of the martyr's relatives.  The serious pursuit of their treatment, in addition to activating the role of the health card for the martyrs ' families. In all the... [Details]

AL-Shuhadaa Foundation sends 200 victims of terrorism to the retirement authority to issue their identities

The Director-General of the Department of Martyrs ' Victims of war operations, military errors and terrorist operations at AL-Shuhadaa Foundation. Mr. Tariq al-Mandalawi, revealed that "200 treatments were sent from the second meal to the martyrs ' Victims of terrorism to the National Retirement Authority/victims of terrorism section. Mr.Tariq al-Mandalawi "These transactions have been completely completed from all the administrative belongings of our department and directorates and... [Details]

President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation visit to the Rusafa Martyrs Directorate

As part of her field tours to the Chambers and the directorates, the President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation visited Al- Rasafa Martyrs Department, and met with the directorate's staff. The visiting was to see the practical and administrative reality that the Directorate gives to the Martyrs ' relatives. Where they toured the divisions and the people and discussed. Same the achievements that are making for the martyrs ' relatives, and listened to the problems and constraints facing the... [Details]

Al-Anbar Governorate delegation values the role of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation in carrying out eligible transactions

The director general of the Department of Martyrs ' Victims of terrorism Mr. Tariq al-Mandalawi, received Sheikh Sufian al-Athawi, spokesperson of the Office of Clan affairs in Al Anbar Governorate. During the meeting, the compensation files were examined and the transactions of the martyrs, wounded and injured were completed.  As well as property compensation files as a result of the military errors and terrorist operations in the governorate caused by the fall of the terrorist to ISIS, which was... [Details]

President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation claim the concerned authorities to pay attention to the AL-Shuhadaa Foundation

The President of the AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, Ms. Nahad Abdel Amir al-Shammari, received a delegation from the Islamic Movement and research same issues of martyr's relatives. The president of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation indicated to the delegation the efforts of the Foundation. To provide care in all areas, such as coordination between directorates, hospitals and health centres. By secure the cutting residential land in the most governorates of the categories covered. Despite the scarcity... [Details]

Signing a document for students between AL-Shuhadaa Foundation and Higher Education

The President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation confirmed the memorandum of understanding between AL-Shuhadaa Foundation and the Ministry of Education included. Which is included  To approve the rotation of the post-graduate seats among the categories of the three martyr's relatives. The minister also agreed to "exempt the martyrs ' relatives from the wages of the community universities by 25%. However, also exempt  martyr's relatives from the wages of the internal sections. The mechanisms... [Details]

During the honoring of the Minister of Higher Education. Head of the Foundation: The decision of the Ministry of Higher Education to rotate the AL-Shu

AL-Shuhadaa Foundation on Monday, 23 July 2018 at the foundation's headquarters, held a scientific seminar on finding effective ways of introducing and offering the first and upper studies. For students with martyrs, for in the presence of the foundation's President, Ms. Rasim Abdel Amir al-Shammari and Minister of Higher Education and scientific research Dr. Abdel Razaq Al Issa. In addition to the officials of the foundation and a large number of students with martyrs for postgraduate... [Details]

Director General of the Department of Victims of Terrorism discusses with Special committee judge in Anbar facilitation of administrative procedures

The Director-General of the Department of Victims of terrorist martyrs, Tariq al-Mandalawi, received Justice Talal al-Hadithi, chairman of the Sub-Commission for compensation of war-affected persons, military errors and terrorist operations in Anbar Governorate. The parties discussed the completion of transactions and established a procedure for simplifying procedures and working to resolve all the problems impeding. The work of the Commission in promoting and completing the treatment... [Details]

President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation meets with the administrative delegation for pilgrims with martyr's families for the current year

The President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, Ms. Abdel Amir Al-Shammari, held a meeting with the Special administrative delegation of the Martyrs ' pilgrims ' delegation. This year and the Seal of Prophets Hall at the sacred Mosque of Karbala. The president of AL-Shuhadaa has said "This year the foundation has reduced the number of administrative delegates. In order to increase the number of martyrs ' relatives. In addition, it will be focus on the administrative delegates,... [Details]


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