AL-Shuhadaa Foundation work with the Committee of interviews of staff wishing to graduate studies in year 2019

Under the direction of the President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, Mrs. Najeh Abdul Amir Al Shammari.  Make plan for the admission of staff in postgraduate studies. Set up a working committee for the purpose of interviewing employees. Who wish to complete their postgraduate studies (Masters and PhD).

The Committee headed by the Director-General of the Baath Party Crimes chamber, Ayoub Kassem, interviewed a group of staff from various departments and directorates.


President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation meets with the directors of the Foundation


Director of the Martyrs Department discusses with MP Hassan al-Janabi the benefits of the martyr's families '

... [Details]

Al-Rafidain Center visits AL-Shuhadaa Foundation

President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation met with the delegation of the Al-Rafidain Center, Mr. Zaid al-Talqani. During the meeting, the head of the foundation identified the problems that had passed, through the institution. Because the financial crisis that facing country. Due to war on terrorist gangs, which is impact on the martyr's families ' in their legal entitlements. The visiting delegation ask the President of the Foundation to attend an intellectual seminar. In order to explained... [Details]

AL-Shuhadaa Foundation concludes the Week of Martyr  at a photo gallery on al-qshla gardens

Under the slogan (Martyr's Day) and sponsored by the President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, Ms. Najeh Abdul Amir al Shammari. AL-Shuhadaa Foundation held an exhibition of martyrs ' photos and documented the crimes of the Baath and ISIS terrorists on the al-Mutanabi gardens. The exhibition was opened in the presence of a large crowd of people, who presented photographs documenting the crimes of genocide. People under the era of the Baath regime destroyed by the mass graves and the terrorist... [Details]

President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation invites the Central Investment Committee to make purpose of project completion

... [Details]

AL-Shuhadaa Foundation holds a photo exhibition at the Martyr Monument

To complement the memorial Week curriculum of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, under the slogan (The day of the Martyr's victory). AL-Shuhadaa Foundation held an exhibition of martyrs ' photos and documented the crimes of the Baath and ISIS terrorists in the martyr's monument. The Director of the Foundation's information was opened on behalf of jihad and a number of guests at the photo gallery of the life and biography of the Great Martyr Ayatollah Mr. Mohammad Baqer al-Sadr (Jerusalem). ... [Details]

Ayatollah Mr. Martyr Mohammad Baqer al-Sadr title of thought and heroism

Under the patronage of the President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, Mrs. Najeh Abdul Amir al-Shammari, in recognition of the sacrifices of martyrs that preserved the unity, security and stability of the nation. AL-Shuhadaa Foundation has set up the annual festival of "Certificate Week. On the occasion of the 39th anniversary of the testimony of the era philosopher Muhammad Baqer al-Sadr,  sister Bint al-Huda. The attended was the presence of the Minister of Culture, the President of... [Details]

AL-Shuhadaa Foundation holds festival (Martyr's Day)

On the occasion of the memory of the philosopher Mr. Muhammad Baqer al-Sadr and his sister Alawi al-Huda, under the slogan "The day of the Martyr". The festival, which is held each year by AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, will be launched on Monday, 8/4/2019. However, on Tuesday 9/4/2019. it will opening the photo exhibition of the martyr Mohammad Baqer al-Sadr. As well as paintings and sculptures of the martyrs of Iraq, which embody their enormous sacrifices. In addition to,... [Details]

AL-Shuhadaa Foundation holds memorial ceremony at martyr Sadr Shrine

In the presence of the President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, Mrs. Najeh Abdulamir Al Shammari, the Najaf Martyrs Directorate in collaboration with the Women's Dawn Foundation. Holiday memorial ceremony at the shrine of the martyr Mohammad Baqer al-Sadr. The President of the Foundation has stated the heroic positions of Mr. Al-Sadr, and his brilliant biography. The Directorate of Martyrs from most of the governorates participated in this forum and concluded the programme, by visiting... [Details]

AL-Shuhadaa Foundation has been working to provide medical and therapeutic services outside Iraq for the martyr's families

The vice president of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, Mr. Kazem Aouid held a meeting with Dr. Waleed Al Khazraji, director of (Al-Siddiq Al Zahra Hospital) in Tehran. In the presence of the Director general of the Baath Party victims ' crimes department, Mr Ayoub Kassem. The reception and delivery of medical and therapeutic services for the families of martyrs in the hospital. As well as tourist and therapeutic trips, were discussed. The meeting agreed on a joint working a new mechanism and... [Details]

Al-Shuhadaa Foundation distributes compensation awards to martyrs and wounded  victims of terrorism in Diwaniyah Governorate

AL-Shuhadaa Foundation distributed the third of the amounts of financial compensation in the governorate of Diwaniyah, divided by 124 instruments for beneficiaries. From the financial compensation of martyr's families and the wounded, as a result of the military operations and the war errors and terrorist operations, in the province of Diwaniyah only. It is noteworthy that AL-Shuhadaa Foundation seeks to obtain the rights guaranteed by the law. The most important of which are financial... [Details]

Director of Terrorism Victims department discusses the distribution of lands for the martyrs of al-Imams bridge with governor of Baghdad

The representative of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, director General of the Martyrs victims ' department, discussed with the governor of Baghdad. The completion of residential lands for the martyrs of al-Imams bridge in Baghdad. This came during the visit of the director of the Martyrs ' Victims ' department at the Martyrs ' organization Tariq al-Mandalawi,  the governor of Baghdad. During the meeting, a number of issues relating to the file of martyrs of victims of terrorism and legal... [Details]

Chairman of the parliamentary Finance Committee visits the Department of Martyrs of Victims of terrorism

Tariq al-Mandelawi was received the head of the finance committee of the lower House of parliament Mr Ahmed Al-Saffar and they examined the entitlements of the legal martyr's families. Al-Mandelawi gave an explanation of the institution's reality, and the achievements made to the martyrs ' relatives, despite the lack of financial allocations. MP Al-Saffar also stressed his keenness and efforts to support AL-Shuhadaa Foundation. Through the Finance Committee, stating that his committee... [Details]

Al-Maliki confirms his support for the martyrs ' families

The leader of the State of Law Mr. Nouri al-Maliki received in his office the president of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, Mrs. Najeh Abdul Amir al Shammari. During the meeting, he discussed the future of the martyr's families ' and how to improve it, as well the level of services provided to those people. The President of the Foundation provided a detailed explanation of the services provided to the martyrs ' relatives. For his part, Mr. Maliki confirmed his support for the... [Details]

Al-Karkh Martyrs Directorate agrees with the Mustafa Center to equip the disabled with martyr's families with medical supplies

The delegation of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation and the Mustafa Center for Rehabilitation of Disabled people. Discussed the establishment of a joint working group between the Foundation and the center.  To visit the disabled and quadruple-crippled people with martyr's families in their homes. However,  they opened their files at the centre and equipped them, with medical needs and supplies. This came during a visit by a delegation from Al-Karkh Martyrs ' Department to the... [Details]

resident of the Foundation receives deputy representative of the Yazidi Hussain Hassan Nammo

The President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, Mrs. Najeh Abdul Amir al-Shammari, received the deputy of the Yazidi component and member of the Immigration and Displacement Committee MP. Hussein Hassan Nammo. The President of the Foundation explained the work of the Foundation and the services provided to the martyrs ' families. President of AL-Shuhadaa foundation said "The Yazidi component suffered a lot both in the time of the Baathist regime destroyed. Injustice and executions until... [Details]

First technical disclosure of mass graves belonging to the yazidine victims

... [Details]

Public Relations and Information Department delegation visits Baghdad International Fair

A delegation from the public Relations and Media department visited Baghdad International Fair and met with the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Iraqi General company. For exhibitions and commercial services, engineer Hashim Mohammed al-Sudani. The Parties discussed the possibility of providing an area of land, for the activities of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation in exhibitions held on the Baghdad International Exhibition grounds. Al-Sudani said "A special space will... [Details]

President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation discusses with the Minister of Higher education the benefits of martyr's families

The President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, Mrs. Najeh Abdul Amir al-Shammari, visited the Ministry of Higher Education and scientific research and met with Minister of Higher Education Dr. Qusai Suhail. During the meeting, Al-Shammari discussed the ways of co-operation in order to serve the martyr's families in all segments. The President of the Foundation also stressed the need to accept the relatives of martyr's relatives in the elementary and higher studies as stipulated in the law... [Details]

President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation participates in the first conference of the Alcabanih uprising

The President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, Mrs. Najeh Abdul Amir al-Shammari, participated in the first Central Conference held by the Committee of Martyrs, victims and political prisoners at the House of Representatives. Under the slogan "The uprising alcabanih nur is lit by martyrs and freemen". To be a fire on the fascist resurrection and Takfiri terrorism". It was was sponsored by the first Deputy Speaker of parliament, Hassan Al Kaabi. The President of AL-Shuhadaa... [Details]

State of Law honors the president of the AL-Shuhadaa Foundation on the occasion of International Women's Day

... [Details]

Provincial council approves allocation of plots of lands for martyrs ' families

According to the program of president of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, she takes a tours in the some governorates of Iraq, to monitor the rights and privileges of the martyr's families.  The President of the Martyrs Foundation, Mrs. Najeh Abdul Amir al-Shammari, visited Anbar province, and she met with Governor Ali Farhan Hamid in the presence of some members of the provincial council. The President of the foundation claimed the governor to focus on martyr's families, to stand with the... [Details]

President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation visits the Directorate of Martyrs of Anbar

President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, Mrs. Najeh Abdul Amir al-Shammari, visited the Anbar Martyrs Directorate. It was greeted by the director and staff of the Directorate and some of the elders and local government members. Al-Shammari briefed the head of the foundation on the practical reality and the most important achievements.  Which is made by the Directorate for the people of martyrs. In order to diagnose the obstacles and problems facing the work of the Directorate. After listening... [Details]

New mass grave for ISIS gang crimes uncovered in Salah al-Din

AL-Shuhadaa Foundation/Department of Mass Graves Protection announced that its technical teams specialized in the field of research and excavation of mass graves.  The discovery of a new second mass grave belonging to ISIS's crimes in Salah al-Din-al-Jamiah District-Qadissiyah Center. The team of the Department of Mass Graves Affairs, where they has been discovered that the remains and bodies on the surface of the land. It has been used by victims of the terrorist gangs of ISIS since... [Details]

First detection of a new cemetery for the victims of al-Qaeda terrorist crimes in Al-Ashaqi

AL-Shuhadaa Foundation/Department of Mass Graves Protection announced that its technical teams specialized in the field of research and excavation of mass graves. The first technical examination of the mass grave located in Salah al-Din province-Ashasaki district. It belongs to the victims of the terrorist crimes of al-Qaeda in 2007, which will be included in the 2019 action plan. The Department for the Protection of mass graves announced the completion of the technical and legal... [Details]


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