President of Al Shuhadaa Foundation is the best president of 2017

Human Rights Organization for Relief and Infrastructure Development has honored the president of Al Shuhadaa Foundation, Mrs.Najha Abdul Amir Al-Shammari, as the best head of an institution for 2017 through a referendum was conducted by the organisation.
This step has appreciation of the efforts made by the President of Al Shuhadaa Foundation in the service of the martyrs' families in obtaining the rights guaranteed by the law.

However, President of Al Shuhadaa Foundation has

1680 land has distribution for the families of martyrs in Wasit


The President of Al-Shuhada Foundation is researching files of martyr's with religious scholars in Najaf

The president Mrs. Najah Abdul Amir Al-Shammari visited the Dar Al-Alm institution for Mr. Al-Khoei in the Najaf city. During the visit, the Minister met with Mr. Jawad Al-Khoei and Mr. Zeid Bahr Al-Uloum. It has search a file of the martyrs were examined and included in the law of the institution and how to prove their residence for the purpose of facilitating their transactions. On the other hand, the President visited the Office of His Eminence Mr. Abdul-Ali Al-Sabzari (Quds)... [Details]

Aletejah Radio honors Mr. Tariq Mandelawi

During the meeting between Aletejah Radio and Mr. Tariq Mandelawi (The Director General of the Department of Victims of Military Operations, Military Mistakes and Terrorist Operations) Aletejah Radio honors Mr. Tariq Mandelawi for his efforts by communication with citizens. The stuff of Aletejah Radio his praised Mr. Tariq's efforts by serving the family of martyrs of victims of terrorism? Mr.Mandelaoui received Aletejah Radio attention through his contacts with the families of the... [Details]

Next Sunday residential around 1417 land for martyr's families in Wasit

During the visiting president Mrs. Najah Abdul Amir Al shammari Al- head of Shuhada Foundation Wasit Governor in 2017 to pursue those land plots distribution on martyrs covered by Foundation law. However, Mr. Nasir Ali Hussein (director of the martyrs of Wasit) that we have connected with Wasit Governor Directorate and other concerned departments to recruit personnel distribution, which will be approved on Sunday 14 | 1 | 2018 (for each of victims of the Baath party and the popular... [Details]


... [Details]

Al-Shuhada Foundation has Congratulating the police station

... [Details]

Implementation of the recommendations of AL.Murgiea: It has coordinating committees between Al-Shuhada Foundation and AL. Ayny foundation

President of Al-Shuhada Foundation received AL. Ayny foundation successful Mrs. Abdul Amir AL shammari the head Dr. Sabah algaoosh. During the meeting, both of foundations have agreed to send special medical conditions by Al-Shuhada Foundation to provide them with health services and forming a Committee between the two institutions to open collaboration and check the names and they intersect and select recipients. President of Al-Shuhada Foundation praised its steps for the AL. Ayny... [Details]

President of Al-Shuhada Foundation has met some managers director

... [Details]

Al-Shuhada Foundation celebrates the 11th anniversary of the execution of Saddam's tyrant

By remembering to inflict a just retribution on the tyrant of the Times "Saddam", a tyrant who has never known recent history. The Martyrs Foundation held a ceremony marking the anniversary of the death sentence against the tyrant in a statement to the Vice-president. The ceremony was attended by the Vice-President of the Martyrs Foundation, Mr. Kazim Aouid Massoud, and the Director-General of the Department of Victims of Terrorism, Mr. Tariq al-Mandalawi, as well as the head of the... [Details]

The establishment of Foundation appreciates the efforts of the Minister of National Transport

President, the establishment of Martyrs has honored on Monday, the Minister of Transport, Mr. Kazem Al-Alami, for his positions appreciation for his support the work of the Foundation to the families of martyrs. Where the head of the Foundation Najah Abdul Amir Al-Shammari has praised the work of the Ministry of Transport, and she said: 'The Minister of Transport is making strong efforts to serve the families of martyrs, which led us to value this noble role and to give thanks... [Details]

President of the establishment of Foundation honors the delegation the University of Diyala for their honorable position with the families of martyrs

President of the establishment of Foundation has received the dean the University of Diyala, and also Dr. Abbas Fadel Al Dulaimi and his delegation in the presence of MP. Raad Faris Al-Malas head of (Committee of Martyrs and Parliamentary Demonstrators) on Monday, 25 January 2017 at the Foundation's headquarters. The delegation has expressed its readiness to extend a helping the establishment of Foundation for its honor of the martyrs' blood that has been built our country. ... [Details]

The establishment of Foundation invites Japan's Kajimakorporich Company to rehabilitate martyr monument

The President of establishment of Foundation, Najah Abdul Amir Al-Shammari, received the Ambassador of Japan in Iraq, Mr. Fumio Iwai, on Monday 25 December 2017 at the headquarters of the Martyr's Monument. However, this meeting was included some issues of common interest, including the rehabilitation of the site of the martyr monument, which is one of the most prominent architectural features in Baghdad, in addition to representing the martyrs of Iraq. The Ambassador... [Details]

In a special visit to the establishment of Foundation: The Minister of Transport reduces the cost of air transport to the families of martyrs and woun

The head of the Martyrs' Foundation, Najah Abdul Amir Al-Shammari, received the Minister of Transport, Mr. KazemFangan Al-Hamami, they were agreed to reduce the wages of air transport to 50% for the handicapped and those with special needs. However, by activate the third article of the tenth paragraph of the law of the institution. Which provides to support the fund orphans of the martyrs of donation, by determine a calculated share of the docks pool of the ports to the martyrs families... [Details]

President of Martyr of Foundation offering the enterprise shield to Replacement Movement (39) Brigade

The President of Martyr of Foundation has received a g39 Brigade replacement movement a group of (Replacement Movement ,39 Brigade ) which is belonged to the "The Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF). The delegation represented by Sheik Haider al-Asadi and Mr khudair Al-araji, who is a leader of Chairman of political authority. The delegation has given a suit for martyr's Mostafa al-Zubeidi to the President of Martyr of Foundation because it's the basis of the official sponsor... [Details]

The Martyrs of Foundation have celebrated the announcement of the final victory over the gangs of ISIS

Under the slogan 'martyrs makers of victory and life,' the establishment of Martyrs of Foundation has a celebration on the Great Victory and the whole lands of Iraq, and Championship of security forces and the popular crowd in the premises of the institution. During the celebration, the President of the institution Mrs. successful Abdul Amir AL-shammari, speech about the salute and blood pure by martyrs who liberation all lands that were under ISIS state. And she mentioned the martyrs... [Details]

President of martyrs of Foundation has convene meeting with department managers to assess the a successful

... [Details]

The President of Martyrs Foundation discusses the file of pilgrims of martyrs with the Deputy Raad fares al-Mas

The president of Martyrs Foundation, Ms. Abdul Amir al-Shammari, has a welcome the member of Representative martyrs Committee, MP Raad fares al-Mas and his entourage. They discussed during the meeting the file of the Diyala martyrs, however, Ms. al-Shammari was sent all file of the martyrs to the relevant authorities for the purpose of completing the procedure. In addition to, Ms. al-Shammari was insisted about the possibility of rotating additional seats for pilgrims... [Details]

The Martyrs of Foundation open an office for terrorism victims martyrs circle in toz Kormato

The Martyrs of Foundation establishment office to institution martyrs and victims of terrorism Memorial Foundation establish toz Kormato- this department has opened because the large number of martyrs increased (1720) martyrs plus more (4600) injured. With a view to promoting the martyrs and wounded and missing coefficients and the abductees for submission to the Subcommittee on compensation in province to validate their decisions. The decision came as a result of the... [Details]


The President of martyrs of Foundation and his staff congratulations and blessings to the Iraqi hero, however, the commander in Chief of the armed forces of Dr Haidar Abadi, and the security forces of all types and for all factions of the popular crowd. This important achievement and critical releases all Iraqi lands of defile ISIS The terrorist, and this quick victories are because professional Iraqi army and troops of the popular crowd. Also, their spirits high and its willingness... [Details]

President martyr's of foundation attends the annual Central ceremony for Islamic Dawa party for marking the auspicious birth and anniversary party

... [Details]

Martyrs of Foundation team opens up a mass grave in Mosul

A professional team specialize in research has started excavation of mass graves of the martyrs ' Foundation. This special team has opened a mass grave in an area which called (akab Valley) in Mosul. In cooperative with the Department of forensic medicine, and coordination with the Directorate of the national security apparatus. As the work raising (52) mortal remains, It is worth mentioning that the martyrs of Foundation teams research and excavation of mass graves and conducted... [Details]

President of the Martyrs Foundation stresses the service of the martyrs and the completion of their belongings

... [Details]

The President of the Foundation meets the judges of the Special Committees and in the presence of the Directors-General

The President of Martyrs Foundation, Naja Abdul Amir Al-Shammari, held a meeting that included the Directors-General and the Chairmen of the special committees to consider the requests of the families of the martyrs 'Baghdad and Basra.' The meeting discussed several issues related to the files of the martyrs' families. These meetings are held periodically and continuously by the President of the Foundation for the purpose of overcoming the difficulties that hinder the application... [Details]

Reduction of 25% of the wages of medical services to the martyrs in hospitals in Najaf

After follow up and coordination between Memorial Foundation and the Ministry of Health Ministry approval was on the cover with the martyrs (martyrs of the Baath party and crimes as martyrs and victims of terrorist acts, popular crowd). Reducing the wages of medical services provided in private suites by 25%, and the martyrs highlight health identity of the Directorate of the martyrs of Najaf or the identity of the institution or an official letter from the Directorate. ... [Details]

Based on approval by the President of martyrs of Foundation for to the controls apply to preliminary studies submissions open evening

Based on approval by the President of martyrs of Foundation for to the controls apply to preliminary studies submissions open evening The martyrs of fellows undergraduate academic year 2017/2018 who would like to present review directorates martyrs in all provinces .To apply for preliminary studies in State schools evening school year (2017/2018): 1. The subjects of school privileges are martyrs Baath crimes (parents: kids, the husband, wives, brothers, sisters and children... [Details]


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