Ayoub Qassem visits the committee to look into the progress of the work

Mr. Ayoub Qassem, general director of the Department of Martyrs of The Baath Victims, visited the Committee to consider the requests of the relatives of the martyrs, and met with the chairman to follow up the files of the martyrs and the work of the committee.

The general director met with the head of the Examination Committee section and listened to the department's necessary claims and needs. However, he stressed the need to do more to speed up the approval of the files of the

AL-Shuhadaa Foundation distributes real estate grant to relatives of popular mobilization martyrs in Wasit

Under the auspices of the President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, Ms. Saham Abdul Amir al-Shammari and under the supervision of the general director of the Popular Mobilization Department Mr. Ali Abdul Rahman Al-Barqa.

The Directorate of Martyrs of Wasit distributed the real estate grant to a number of relatives of the martyrs of the popular mobilization. In the province and the amount of more than 90 families and a total amount of 18 billion Iraqi dinars as the first meal.

Member of the care council Mrs. Utoor Al-Musawi meets the member of Diwania province council

The member of the care council Mrs. Utoor Al-Musawi the supervisor of Al-Khalidoon women forum met the member of Diwania province council Mrs. Zainab Hamzah, during the meeting she talked about harassment of the former regime to her and her family and how her brother was arrested, and they discovered his martyrdom after the fall of the regime also she spoke about her work in Diwania martyrs Directorate and she was elected as a member in the province council, whereas she said one of the priorities... [Details]

Visiting the martyr's families during lesser bairam

The occasion of lesser bairam and the Martyrs Establishment's serious efforts to the real communication with families of who gave their dearest and most valuable to the glory of our dear homeland those are the martyrs, Wasit martyrs Directorate visited more than 75 families of martyrs and give them a little gift being moral rather than financial to enter the joy and pleasure on this families and remind them to always that the Establishment will never forget them, it is with them and their service,... [Details]

A delegation from Wasit Martyrs Directorate visited Wasit governor.

... [Details]

Chairperson of Al-khalidoon women Forum meets the volunteers of the forum

Ms. Utoor Al-Musawi the member care Council of the families of the martyrs and the Forum Chairperson, met the volunteers of the forum, during the meeting have been discussed the issue of open special courses for women from the families of the martyrs for the eradication of illiteracy, the number of volunteers were four tow from Karkh and two from Rusafa, has been discussed the working mechanism and the need to utilize the summer holiday to provide a service for women from the families of the martyrs... [Details]

President of the martyr's Establishment meets the Chairman of the Hajj and Umrah

His Excellency the President Martyr's Establishment Dr. Khalaf Abd Samad Khalaf visited the Chairman of Hajj and Umrah Sheikh Muhammad Taqi al-Mawla in his office on the morning of Sunday, 16/8/2009, he was accompanied by both members of care council Mr. Ayoub Qasim and Mrs. Utoor al-Musawi At the beginning of the meeting, the President of the Establishment thanked the Sheikh for their efforts in the service of martyr's families During the past two years and this year in the allocation of seats of... [Details]

Prime Minister Nuri Kamel Al-Maliki distributes plots of land to the martyr's families and political prisoners in Karbala province

The Prime Minister Nuri Kamel al-Maliki, distributed residential plots to martyr's families and political prisoners in the Karbala province, with presence of the Minister of Municipalities Mr. Riad Ghareeb, the governor of Karbala and members of province Council He said in a speech during a ceremony of Distribution: Those people wronged in the era of dictatorship and said (no) in challenging the former regime, in time nobody can say it like that today, as anyone to say (no), criticizing... [Details]

President of the Establishment distributes Establishment's grant and marriage's gift in Muthanna

By the presence of His Excellency Establishment's President Mr. Khalaf Abd al-Samad Khalaf, the Directorate of Martyrs Al-Muthanna held a celebration to distribute the marriage's gift to the martyr's sons and Establishment grant, to the martyr's families, the celebration began with reading part of the Holy Quran, then his Excellency the Establishment's President delivered a speech, in which he talked about the concept of transitional justice, and the mechanism of its application, and the most important... [Details]

The president of Establishment meets the martyrs and political prisoners committee in the parliament.

His Excellency the President of the Establishment Mr. Khalaf. A. Samad Khalaf met the Chairman of the martyrs and political prisoners Committee of martyrs in the Iraqi parliament, Dr. Mohammed Ahmed, a member of the Committee, Mr. Abd Ali al-Musawi, the Legal Counsel, Mr. Nimah Salman, Mr. Saleh Al-maliki and Mr. Khalaf Abd al-Mawla. the meeting came at the request of the committee to identify the most important obstacles that facing the Establishment's work and the cooperation of ministries... [Details]

President of the Establishment honors the Iraqi woman who embraced the bomb in the shrine of Imams Kadimain

Heroic attitudes which are still well-established principles in the minds of the Iraqis and make an offering of sacrifice, must be recorded in history by golden letters, the gift given by the President of the martyrs Establishment Mr. Khalaf Abdul Samad to the heroine who embraced the bomb placed inside the holy shrine of Kadhimiya was an expression of the admiration and appreciation for This great woman that chose to sacrifice herself to save the lives of innocent visitors, this cleared through... [Details]

The President of the Establishment oversees the distribution of grant and gift of marriage in Karbala.

The presence of His Excellency the President of the Establishment Dr. Khalaf Abd al-Samad and His Excellency the Minister of Health Dr. Saleh Hasnawi, the governor of Karbala Amal Al-din Al- hir, the chief of Karbala University, Dr. Abdel-Hadi al-Shammari, and a number of officials in the province, the Directorate of Karbala martyrs has established a celebration under the slogan the blood of martyrs is a debt on our responsibility in University of Karbala , the ceremonial began by reading of the... [Details]

Establishment's President receives a delegation of residents of Bashir village.

His Excellency the President of the, Mr. Khalaf Abdul Samad, received a delegation of the families of the martyr from Bashir village, Kirkuk province in his office in Baghdad, the village where the Baathists used all kinds of injustice and persecution, had been reviewed by the people of the village, the tragedies and the scourge that has led to them by the Baath regime, killing and displacement of arrests and destruction of agricultural land, and handed over to his aides and his executioners, then... [Details]

President of Establishment receives the Deputy Chairman of compliance committee

Dr. K.A.Khalaf the president of the martyrs Establishment received in his office at Monday, 18/8/2008 Dr. haidar Al-Suweedi, Deputy Chairman of the complaints Committee parliament, The efforts of Dr. Al-Suweedi resulted in the allocation of House area 1000 m ² to be a headquarters of Martyrs Establishment in Al-Qasim town in Babel province as a public domain of the Establishment, and also the President of the Establishment hinted to Establishment is seeking to amend the its Law, At the conclusion... [Details]

The Establishment's president receives the Iraqi traveler's chief

His Excellency the President of the martyr's Establishment Dr. Khalaf Abd Al-Samad Khalaf, received the Iraqi Central for travelers chief Mr. Rihab Al-Darraji in his office in Baghdad, the chief of union presented a copy of the Koran, as an expression of pride and appreciation for what the Establishment had given to the martyr's families and their athletes, the guest reviewed the most important of his achievements during his career over 25 years of obtaining a medals and certificates on behalf of... [Details]

The Establishment's president visits north of Basra martyr's Directorate

The president of the Establishment Mr. Khalaf Abdel Samad Khalaf visited north of Basra martyr's Directorate, in a field visit to determine directly the reality of the work of the Directorate and access to the most important achievements and obstacles they face, also he met with the Directorate staff and urged them to do more work to serve the martyr's families and the utilizing of Volunteers from martyr's families who wish to work in various workshops such as services or visit patients as well as... [Details]

The president of the Establishment visits the family of the martyr Husain Maan Taha

During his last round trip to the holy city of Karbala His Excellency the President of the Establishment Mr. Khalaf Abdul Samad visited the family of the martyr Sheikh Hussein and met his first son Sajad, and recalled the biography of the hero martyr who was known by his struggle history by confronting the injustice and tyranny, Perhaps the most prominent mention is a brief rapid of This fighter life as he was the composed a book at 23 years old and died at 25 years old, and was responsible for Dawa... [Details]

President of the Establishment visits the families of martyrs in Maysan province

As a honoring to the martyrs of Iraq who have given their lives to save the homeland against the worst dictatorship in history, His Excellency the President of the Establishment Dr. Khalaf Abd Al-Samad during his tour in Maysan province and participate in the celebration of Maysan Martyrs Directorate and the distribution of the grant, visited a number of martyr's families in Maysan province to look closely to the suffering of these families, living and health, so he ordered immediate financial benefits... [Details]

Direct dialogue with Ayoub Qasim the member of care council about the Establishment

Almasar satellite channel conducted a direct meeting with Mr. Ayoub Qasim, the member of the care council and the official spokesman for the Establishment within the other half show about Establishment's achievements and obstacles that hinder its work, during the show the lines of communication has been opened whereas some of interventions were submitted by the families of the martyrs and the questions in the show which allocated a report at the beginning about the Directorate of Baghdad by hosting... [Details]

A delegation from the martyrs Establishment visits the Republic of India

Through Establishment seeking to provide better services to the martyrs families, the Establishment's delegation, headed by Dr. Khalaf Abdul Samad the President of the Establishment, Mr. Faris Omar Saad the deputy of Establishment's president, Dr. Feisal Abdul Imma the member of care Council, Ibrahim Al-Zubaidi, Director General of the Legal Department visited the Republic of India, the delegation was received by Safwat Al-Ani, the Chargé of affaires at the Iraqi Embassy in India, the visit have... [Details]

A delegation from the martyrs Establishment meets the Minister of Education and Development in India

President of martyrs Establishment Dr. Khalaf Abdul Samad met the Minister of Education and Development in India Government Mr. cabul Sibal, During the meeting, they talked about several issues including the subject of studies in the universities for martyr's families in order to raise the scientific level for them. The delegation was composed of the Vice-President of the Establishment Mr. Fares Omar Saadallah and member of the care Council, Dr. Faisal Abdul Immaa and General Manager of the Legal... [Details]

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research shows its cooperation with the Martyr's Establishment

Establishment's Media met with Dr. Abd Dhiab Al-Ajeli, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, The meeting focused on the problems that face the students from martyrs families for undergraduate studies and graduate studies, missions and graciously answered all questions, inquiries, and stressed the continuous and fruitful cooperation with the martyrs Establishment to serve the issue of the martyr and access to developed country through advanced education and that his ministry has provided... [Details]

Attending the special discussion Symposium in martyr monument.

In response to guidance issued by His Excellency the President of the Establishment to attend the Symposium of the reality of the Establishment and the outcome of the delegation's visit to the Martyrs Establishment in the Islamic Republic of Iran .. Attended each of the following (Mohammad Hashem Alsedkhan)the Manager of Meyssan Martyrs, Mr. (Kamal Hanoon Ali) the responsible of social activity and (Alaa Prisam Saleh) the official of media department in the Directorate, on Thursday, 15/1/2009. ... [Details]

Al-Khalidoon newspaper attends a celebration of humanity future generations assembly

The Establishment Participated by Culture and Information Department / Al-Khalidoon newspaper in the celebration held by the future generations assembly in the school Bardy in Al-Sadr City, during the celebration was distributed gifts to the orphans and disabled, the ceremony was attended by the Director of educational supervision in Rusafa education directorate Mr. Mohsen Ghazi, it is a noteworthy the assembly is one of civil society organizations, headed by Mr. Ali Al-Husseini, the celebration... [Details]

Al-Khalidoon newspaper held a press meeting with the Deputy Minister of Culture

Al-Khalidoon newspaper held a press meeting with the Deputy Minister of Culture Mr. Taher Nasser al-Hamoud; he talked about his biography in fighting the former regime and the sacrifices made by his family, whereas the former regime executed four of his brothers, and he left Iraq and confronted to the regime through the media work, also he answered questions from the newspaper on the cooperation between the Ministry and the Establishment Whereas he expressed his personal willingness... [Details]

Martyrs Establishment in coordination with the Ministry of the Interior honors a group of martyr's families

Martyr's Establishment held in coordination with the Ministry of Interior on the morning of 16/9/2009 and the ceremonial hall of the martyr monument to honor 200 families, 250 thousand dinars for each family, with presence of the President of the martyr's Establishment Mr. Khalaf Abdul Samad and the representative of the Ministry of Interior, Major General Abdel Karim Al-Sudani, this celebration comes in Great support offered by the Ministry for the martyrs families and the belief in the cause that... [Details]