Ayoub Qassem visits the committee to look into the progress of the work

Mr. Ayoub Qassem, general director of the Department of Martyrs of The Baath Victims, visited the Committee to consider the requests of the relatives of the martyrs, and met with the chairman to follow up the files of the martyrs and the work of the committee.

The general director met with the head of the Examination Committee section and listened to the department's necessary claims and needs. However, he stressed the need to do more to speed up the approval of the files of the

AL-Shuhadaa Foundation distributes real estate grant to relatives of popular mobilization martyrs in Wasit

Under the auspices of the President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, Ms. Saham Abdul Amir al-Shammari and under the supervision of the general director of the Popular Mobilization Department Mr. Ali Abdul Rahman Al-Barqa.

The Directorate of Martyrs of Wasit distributed the real estate grant to a number of relatives of the martyrs of the popular mobilization. In the province and the amount of more than 90 families and a total amount of 18 billion Iraqi dinars as the first meal.

Director General of Terrorism Victims Department receives creativity and excellence shield

Mr. Tariq al-Mandelawi, director general of the Martyrs ' Victims Department, received a delegation from Al-Kaward tribes in Baghdad, central and south, under the chairmanship of Sheikh Hakim Ai Rahim Nnafji. During the meeting, Mr Tariq has discussed the Law on AL-Shuhadaa Foundation and the rights provided for in the law. In turn, he thanked the Secretary-General for the follow-up and communication with all the community segments in all governorates. However,... [Details]

Director of the Victims of Terrorism department directs sections of the Department to intensify visits of martyr's families

Director of the Department of Victims of Terrorism, Tariq al-Mandelawi, directed all sections of the Victims of terrorism departments. However, the meeting held at the Martyrs Central Foundation, which was set up to showcase the achievements of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation. During the meeting, the working mechanism of the departments in the directorates was discussed to identify the problems and constraints facing them. All the stuff agreed about the new mechanism basis to... [Details]

AL-Shuhadaa Foundation holds a workshop under the title of the (Citizen e-government)

Under the patronage of the President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, Ms. Najeh Abdul Ameer Al Shammari, the Foundation/Citizens Affairs Department held a workshop titled "Citizen E-government". During the workshop, a detailed review of the importance of the programme in facilitating the provision of services to the martyrs ' families. In terms of, providing accurate follow-up of transactions and complaints sent by citizens. It has discussed a range of topics to serve and... [Details]

The committee formed in the Ministry of Higher Education including, the crimes of the Baath Party submit to recommendations the Minister of Higher Edu

The advisor to the Minister of Higher Education and the Chairman of the Committee of Ministers Dr. Mohsen al-Freji held an extensive meeting with the chairs of the Knowledge Resources, by development and modernization committees. The humanities curricula at Iraqi governmental and private universities. A seventeen committees for all humanitarian disciplines. During the meeting, the mechanisms under the dissolved Baath party crimes , would be included the discusses about... [Details]

Red Crescent Society, in collaboration with the AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, has a course to publicize the need for early check

The Social welfare Section of the Health Programme Division has established a course for the staff of the Women's in AL-Shuhadaa Foundation. In cooperation with the Iraqi Red Crescent Society/ Al-Mansour branch. This session has came for early check for Breast Cancer. The programme coordinator by (Wafa Mohammed Abbas) was presented. An overview of Cancer Risks and how to detect early illness. This session was aimed at raising awareness and coordination for the safety... [Details]

AL-Shuhadaa Foundation to receive its achievements

AL-Shuhadaa Foundation held annual periodic conference of directorates in Baghdad and the governorates under the slogan (Towards better services for the martyr's families). At the Foundation/Jadriyah headquarters. This is review  of the achievements of the Foundation and crushing over the past period. The head of the foundation also talked about reviewing the most important achievements of the martyr's families . During the past period, in order to compensate... [Details]

President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation chairs a meeting of general directors

... [Details]

President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation receives a delegation from Anbar tribes

The President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, Mrs. Najeh Abdul Amir al-Shammari, received a delegation from Anbar tribal elders. Represented by the Chairman of the Council of Anbar tribes balaka of terrorism Sheikh Abdulrahman al-Wahab Sarhan and Sheikh al-Shammar clan in Anbar Sheikh Turki al-Ayed. During the meeting, the President of the Foundation stated the achievements of the foundation and what it gave to the relatives of the three martyrs (Martyrs of the victims of Baath Party crimes,... [Details]

Deputy Speaker: Ministries are obliged to provide benefits and grades approved by law

AL-Shuhadaa Foundation distributed checks for the martyr's families and wounded persons, in the Directorate of Martyrs of Sadr. This came during the visit of Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Mr. Hasan Al Kaabi, AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, which was received by the Director General of the Department Mr. Tariq Al Mandalawi. During his visit, he met with a number of martyr's families and wounded persons.  The arrivals for the audit of the national Pension Service have been... [Details]

AL-Shuhadaa Foundation distributes financial grants to relatives of victims of terrorist

Under the patronage of the President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, Ms. Najeh Abdul Amir al-Shammari, and Mr. Tariq al-Mandelawi, director general of Martyrs victims. Al-Karkh Martyrs Directorate distributed the first of the instruments on financial grants for the martyr's families and the wounded persons. The ceremony was held in the Chamber of Martyrs of the victims of terrorism. In the presence of a large number of guests and martyr's families. The distribution will... [Details]

AL-Shuhadaa Foundation receives the delegation of the Financial Supervision Authority

The Director general of the Martyrs division of the popular crowd, Mr. Ali Hasan al-Tabqa, held an extensive meeting with the financial Supervision authority. By followed the mechanisms of the Committee's work and to identify, its latest achievements. Including the final accounts and budgets of the organization. According to figures and information transparent. The need for cooperation with regulators was also emphasized in accordance with accurate and transparent information. ... [Details]

AL-Shuhadaa Foundation discusses the disbursement of accumulated salaries to military martyrs

The Vice-president of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation mr.kazm Massoud participated in the meeting held. By the military Retirement Service at the Ministry of Defence Headquarters. To discuss the accumulated salaries of military martyrs, and address the obstacles in the promotion of their transactions. And to take what is necessary to facilitate the procedures and inclusion of the military, who were martyred on the date of 8/2-18/11/1963. The meeting agreed to set up a mechanism... [Details]

Distribution a funds to the martyr's families and wounded persons in terrorist operations in Baghdad

Under the patronage of the President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, Ms. Najeh Abdul Amir al-Shammari, and her representative Mr. Tariq al-Mandalawi, director general of Martyrs victims. The Al-Rasafa Martyrs ' Directorate held a ceremony to distribute the first meal of financial compensation instruments to the  martyr's families and wounded persons. In the presence of the governor of Baghdad and a large number of guests and martyr's families. Al-Mandelawi mentioned that " AL-Shuhadaa... [Details]


AL-Shuhadaa Foundation/al-Karkh Martyrs Directorate is established in cooperation with the general company for Sufi and leather industries. Exhibition of their products at the mosque hall and Husseinieh (Darb al-Hussein). Near al-Karkh Martyrs ' Department, the sale will be at the cost and for the employees in installments, and those with martyrs from the citizens in cash at the factory's price. The exhibition will last five days from Sunday 3/2/2019 until 7/2/2019,... [Details]

Four Years on, Evidence of ISIS Crimes Lost to Time

Before Islamic State (also known as ISIS) fighters descended on Sinjar, Iraq in August 2014, the area was home to 360,000 Yezidis. Today, at least 90 percent of the Yezidi population has been displaced, after fleeing an ISIS onslaught that killed between 2,000 and 5,500 Yezidis. Additionally, ISIS fighters abducted an estimated 6,300 Yezidis and even forced their women and girls into a system of organized rape and sexual slavery. Now, Iraqi forces have reclaimed the territory it lost... [Details]

Member of the Parliamentary martyrs Committee confirms that the Parliament will do the paragraphs of the law of the Foundation

Mr. Tariq al-Mandelawi, director general of Martyrs victims of terrorism, member of the Committee of Martyrs, victims and political prisoners of Parliament, Mr. Hassan Fadam, received support the martyr's families. During the meeting,  they discussed the ways of working together and overcoming obstacles to the promotion of transactions concerning. The rights of the martyrs and wounded families. Mr. Al-Mandelawi has exempted the applications and transactions of older... [Details]

Technical Foundation Teams fencing a number of mass graves in Sinjar

The technical teams of the Department for the Protection of mass graves at AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, began fencing a number of mass graves. It has located  Mass graves in Sinjar district, Ninawa Province, specifically within the village of Kujo and the village of Konya. To preserve the evidence and mortal remains of martyrs appearing on the surface. This was prevented from tampering and with the cooperation, coordination and full support. Of the International Committee... [Details]

Agreement to allocate plots of land for martyr's families in Kirkuk

The director of Kirkuk Martyrs Directorate Mohamed Mustafa discussed with the technical associate with the local government. In order to, giving lands for martyr's families including the three categories. The meeting discussed the determination of a proportion ,of the land allocated to martyrs ' families within the municipal boundaries of Kirkuk. This came during a meeting between the director of the Kirkuk Martyrs Directorate, Mr. Mohamed Mustafa and the technical... [Details]

Distribution of financial compensation for the relatives of martyrs and wounded in terrorist operations in Najaf

Under the patronage of the President of the Martyrs Foundation, Ms. Najeh Abdul Amir al-Shammari, and her representative Mr. Tariq al-Mandalawi, director general of Martyrs victims. The Directorate of Martyrs of Najaf al-Ashraf organized a ceremony to distribute the first meal of the instruments on financial compensation, for the Martyr's families and wounded. In the Martyrs ' Hall inside the Directorate building amid a large presence of martyrs, who expressed their... [Details]

Al-Mandelawi participates with International Organization for Migration

Mr. Tariq al-Mandelawi, director general of the Martyrs ' Victims of Terrorism department, participated in the special meeting of the International Organization for Migration in Iraq. In the presence of a number of members of the Iraqi Parliament and political and legal personalities from the relevant departments and ministries. During the meeting, they discussed the mechanism for promoting the files of the victims of compensatory martyr's families. By simplify ways to procedures.... [Details]

Allocating residential plots and apartments in Bisbasaya complex

... [Details]

Director of the Kirkuk Martyrs Directorate participated in the awarding ceremony

Mr. Mohammad Mustafa Kazem, director of the Kirkuk Martyrs Directorate, attended the distribution of compensatory grants to relatives of martyr's families and injureds members of the Ministry of Interior. On the school activity Hall in the governorate of Kirkuk. Under the supervision of Mr. Zamal al-Saadi, director of martyrs and wounded affairs for all Iraqi governorates. Mr. Mohamed Mustafa Kazem participated in distributing the grants to the martyr's families and injured... [Details]

AL-Shuhadaa Foundation receives the delegation of the Financial Supervision Authority

The Director general of the People's Martyrs Circle held an extensive meeting with the financial Supervision authority to discuss the issues of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation. The Director general, Mr. Ali Hasan al-Tabqa, pointed out the need  the cooperate with the regulators. According to accurate and transparent information and stressed. That all departments of the institution are regulated before the regulators to answer any queries. The meeting was attended by the Chairman... [Details]

Minister of Defense Agency directs the ministry to extend the service of the members of the Martyr's relatives

... [Details]