President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation meets with the Central Investment Committee

The President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, Mrs. Najeh Abdul Amir al-Shammari, held an extensive meeting with the Central Investment Committee of the Foundation. A series of issues relating to investment projects were discussed during the meeting. As well as, the consideration of the main constraints and problems guiding the work of the Commission.

It is worth mentioning that AL-Shuhadaa Foundation seeks to activate the investment side. To maximize its financial revenues and fulfill

Exception of martyr's relatives to study doctoral research from residency requirement in the country of study

The scientific division of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation announced the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education and scientific research to exclude the relatives of martyrs to study doctoral research from the condition of residency in the country of study. Based on their book number (p. 43/8054) dated 28/3/2019.

This was based on section XVII (17) of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation Act. Which stipulates "excludes the relatives of martyrs covered by this law. From the requirement of residency

AL-Shuhadaa Foundation coordinates with higher education the introduction of initial studies in the community colleges for the academic year 2018-2019

The head of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation directed the scientific department to invite students with martyr's relatives from graduates of preparatory studies. Furthermore,who wishing to apply for preliminary studies at the community colleges to review the nearest directorate. According to the geographical area. For the purpose of completing the procedures and according to the controls and instructions established. By our directorates in the governorates. President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation... [Details]

MP Aqeel al-Zubaidi praises the foundation's work in providing services to martyrs ' families

The Director of the legal Department of the Foundation Mr. Aziz Saddam Al-Mahmudawi has received the Mr.Aqeel Fahim Zubaidi in his office. During the meeting, both sides has reviewed the activities of the Foundation and the services it provides to the martyr's families, as stipulated in the Law of the Foundation. For his part, Mr. Aqeel al-Zubaidi has surprise for the work of the Foundation and its contribution to the Martyr's families, and stressed the efforts to serve... [Details]

A delegation from AL-Shuhadaa Foundation visits the cover detector in Najaf.

The Foundation and the public cover detector library received a delegation from AL-Shuhadaa Foundation. Which included the Director of the Department of Public Relations and media Dr. Ahmed Al-jerah and director of the Department of documentation of the Baath crimes. The visiting delegation briefed the sections of the cover detector library. Expressing their admiration for the existing linear heritage. These are written anecdotes and efforts to preserve the manuscript heritage.... [Details]

Session for a number of staff of the foundation to enhance the skills in monitor of human rights violations.

With the participation of a delegation from the AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, the High Commission for Human Rights/dissemination and Education section concluded. The training course on strengthening reporting skills in monitoring human rights violations. Which was dedicated to the National Centre for Documentation of the crime of the Baath. The director of the Public Relations and Information service, Dr. Ahmed Al-jarh, and the director of the National Centre. For the documentation of the... [Details]

President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation receives Iraqi ambassador in the Netherlands

The President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, received the Ambassador of Iraq in Holland, Dr. Hisham Alaoui. During the meeting the activities and privileges offered by the Foundation to the martyrs ' relatives. Were reviewed in accordance with the laws in force, which included material and moral damages. The ambassador explained that all the possibilities of the embassy to serve the guest delegation and to provide all the appropriate conditions that succeed these events. Through media... [Details]

President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation receives a member of the Constituent Assembly of the Union of martyrs

... [Details]

A delegation from the AL-Shuhadaa Foundation visits Al Karkh Martyrs Directorate

... [Details]

AL-Shuhadaa Foundation sends 506 victims of terrorism to the retirement authority to issue identities to them.

The Director general of the Martyrs ' Department for Victims of War operations, military errors and terrorist operations, Mr. Tariq al-Mandelawi, announced the "sending 506 treatment to the martyr's families of victims of terrorism to the National Retirement Authority/Martyrs ' section. Mr. Tariq al-Mandelawi said "These transactions were fully completed from all the administrative belongings in our department and our directorates and in accordance with the regulations in force" .... [Details]

Al-Mandelawi: AL-Shuhadaa Foundation is the big house for all martyrs without discrimination

The Director general of the Department of Victims of Terrorism, Mr. Tariq al-Mandelawi, emphasized the obstacles that delay the completion of pensions and material compensation. For relatives of the martyrs and wounded. Al-Mandelawi also said that "work is continuing by the officials of the Department of Victims of Terrorism even after the official working hours to ensure the completion of the rights of the martyrs and wounded, and now all the transactions for martyrs and wounded have... [Details]

President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation discusses with the officials of the Foundation to obtain legal rights for martyr's families.

The President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation met with the directors of the Foundation. The meeting  has discussed some issues of concern. Foremost among these is the obtaining of the rights provided for in the law of the institution. The President of the Foundation briefed the views presented by the Directors-General. However, she directed that many problems be solved and that mechanisms be put in place. To speed up the procedures used to relieve the martyrs ' people. The... [Details]

The Director of the legal department meets with a number of families of victims of the terrorism

The Director of the legal department met with a number of families of the victims of terrorist operations. He was informed of the problems and constraints faced, to  discuss the rights of the Law No. 57 of 2015. This step is part of a series of steps that the President of the Foundation has directed, during her meeting with a group of martyr's families at the foundation's headquarters. Who presented their demands on financial rights and the plots of residential land. ... [Details]

Al-Mandelawi praises the work of the Special Commission in Basra

Director general of the Department of Martyrs Victims of terrorism Mr.Tariq al-Mandelawi has been received the head of the Sub-Committee for compensation. For those affected by terrorist operations in Basra province (Judge Ragheb Almuzaffar). In order to discuss the most important issues concerning martyrs. However,  the judge confirmed the completion of the Sub-Commission's compensation transactions. In turn, Mr. Tariq al-Mandelawi praised the great achievement,... [Details]

Al-Shuhada Foundation opens special offer to lead the naval force of the Arabian Gulf Academy

The scientific division of the AL-Shuhadaa Foundation announced the approval of the President of president of of the Foundation. To open the special offer for admission to the courses of the Arabian Gulf Academy for Marine Studies. The Director of the scientific Department of the Foundation invited students, who wish to apply. Review the Directorates of martyr's relatives to apply. To be noticed that, the candidates must have a certificate of intermediate, average (65)... [Details]

Department of Victims of Terrorism receives (500) ID of the martyrs ' relatives

AL-Shuhadaa Foundation started the Department of Victims of Terrorism by issuing an electronic ID for the martyr's relatives of victims of terrorism. In cooperation with Shams Al Helan International Company in accordance with certain procedures. The identity checking officer indicated that the identification mechanism is by filling the electronic form via the Internet. Where the form is filled by an employee of the company and delivered through the "electronic server" to the website... [Details]

The legal department confirms the implementation of the eligibility to extend the employment service to the martyr's office for 68 years

The Director of the legal Department of the AL-Shuhadaa Foundation "to obtain the approval of the Prime Minister to implement the legal provision for the continuation of the employee. With the martyr's families of the job until the age of 68. Excluding the provisions of the unified Retirement law. Mr. Azizid Al-Mahmudawi, director of the chamber said "Article 20 (vi) of Law No. 2 of 2016 stipulates that a staff member, who is a martyr's relatives shall be entitled to continue... [Details]

Mass Graves of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation has  opened The DNA center in Mosul

A source at AL-Shuhadaa Foundation revealed that the department of Mass Graves Protection and affairs. In cooperation with the Ministry of Health.  It has opened a centre in Mosul/Sinjar district. By received the victims of the martyrs of the Sinjar district for the purpose of withdrawing the DNA matching sample. The aim of this action was to create a database for the missing Sinjar, and to provide service. To these sacrificing families without revising the forensic medicine headquarters... [Details]

The President of the AL-Shuhadaa Foundation reviews the work of the administrative delegation accompanying the Pilgrims of the Holy Mosque

The President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, welcomed the staff of the Foundation on the occasion of her return from the rites of Hajj. The President of the Foundation briefed the guests on the institution's submission through the administrative delegation. Whom accompanied the pilgrims in addition to their constant follow-up of the Pilgrims ' affairs and their continued pursuit of overcoming the obstacles they faced. Due to the presence of a large number of elderly people with... [Details]

In an effort by AL-Shuhadaa Foundation with the governorates to distribute 1052 plots of land for the martyr's families and wounded in Dhi Qar

Dhi Qar Province distributed 1052 plots of land to the martyr's families, wounded and injured. However, the distribution process was done in accordance with the electronic lottery system. In the presence of Governor Dhi Qar and chairman of the Land Distribution Committee. As well as, a delegation representing AL-Shuhadaa Foundation/Dhi Qar Martyrs Directorate. This is on the hall of the municipality of Nasiriyah.The distribution was in six administrative units (Batha, Rifai, Fajr,... [Details]

The delegation of the popular crowd honors the president of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation

The President of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, Ms. Mujadah Abdul Amir Al Shammari, participated in a ceremony held by the delegation of pilgrims of the popular crowds. On the occasion of Eid al-Ghadeer festival, after performing Hajj rites in Mecca. Ms. Al-Shammari spoke on this occasion: we must be inspired by the perfume of the prophet and the family of his home, and we approach them and walk on their footsteps. Today, God has honoured us by offering the very simple thing that we will... [Details]

President of the Foundation values the role of the administrative delegation

The head of the pilgrimage mission to the AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, Ms. AL-Shammari, thanked her for the administrative and media delegation accompanying the Pilgrims of the martyr's families. in recognition of his efforts to make the pilgrimage a success and to serve the martyr's families. Especially the injured, the wounded and the elderly. The deputy head of delegation, Tariq al-Mandalawi, paid a price "for the efforts made to the foundation's delegation. Who worked as a beehive... [Details]

The administrative delegation visits the gallery of al-Haramain and the Kaaba factory in the Holy Land

The deputy head of the administrative delegation of the Pilgrims of the Martyrs Foundation Tareq al-Mandalawi and his entourage visited the King Abdulaziz complex. For the Holy Kaaba and the exhibition of the Temple of the Two Holy Mosques, while in Mecca. In order to learn about the kingdom's care and interest in the two Holy Mosques and the Kaaba. The programme included a visit to the Al-Kaaba garment factory. Where they were greeted upon arrival by a number of factory officials.... [Details]

AL-Shuhadaa Foundation has a ceremony to mark the feast of al-Ghadeer

... [Details]

Exemption of students who are martyr's relatives from the wages of internal sections

... [Details]

President of the Foundation and head of the Shiite Waqf office discuss cooperation on investment

... [Details]