Victims’ stories

The martyr Baqer Abdel Wahab Shtab al – Rubaie

The beginning of the eighties with its resurrection and its defeat, it launched an aggressive campaign against the families of the Mujahideen and the citizens known for their resistance.
The Public Security Directorate has been taken the families to the General Security Directorate, where women and children were isolated from the men. In addition to, they were subjected to the most severe forms of psychological and physical torture. Seven days later, they were banished to the deserts (Al-

The martyr Bassel Abdul Rasool Abdul Wahab Al – Rubaie

Mr. Bassel Abdul Rasoul Al-Nour was born in the town of Balad in 1959 from a famous family in the field of science and education. His father was the martyr (Abdul Rasul Abdul Wahab)
Mr. Bassel was educated in a school in Balad and received a diploma from the teachers' institute. After graduating, he was appointed a teacher at a Tarmiya school in Balad.
The martyr was arrested from his office to the security office of Balad, where he was subjected to the most severe psychological and

Martyr Hanoun Aboud Karam Al - Saadi

The martyr was born in the city of Baghdad in 1953. He has completed his studies and graduated at the Technological University of Baghdad as an educational engineer. And then he was appointed in the high school of Baqubah industry. Moreover, he joined the military service. This was a membership the Islamic Dawa Party in the mid-1970s and that has a great impact on his character. Mr. Aboud Karam role was in the city of (Diyala) he educated a young people about Dawa Party and given them visions... [Details]

Martyr Kazem Rafi Abdullah Al - Khafaji

The martyr was born in the city of Basrah in 1941. He completed his studies at the primary school and then moved to university and then graduate, He studied at the elementary school. After completing his studies, he received a bachelor's degree in administration and economics and he became a teacher at the mixed evening trade preparatory school in Basra. The martyr was distinguished by his high morals and religious and political awareness. He was arrested by the security services of Basra... [Details]

Martyr teacher Saleh Majid Hussei

Mr. Saleh has been born in 1949 in the city of Basra, he Completes his study in hometown. after that, he decided to study in the Department of Education, University of Basrah. He was interesting and activated in political issues by given lectures on the mosque Al-Quran, by pointed some issues to revel Baath policy in Iraq. However, his political activity has began with the emergence of the political movement for the philosopher (Mohamed Baqer al-Sadr). He was captured in the eleventh month... [Details]

Martyr Ahmed Hassan Ahmed

Mr. Ahmed born 1967 in the city Basra, he completed his primary and middle school in the same place in hometown. In the same contains the Martyr has entered to the College of Education /University of Basrah and graduated with high score. The characterized of Martyr was good among peers and loved among people who know him. He refused to join to Baath regime. However, in 1991 blessed uprising broke out, the Martyr did not hesitate to participate in this uprising against Baath regime. He... [Details]

Martyr Amer Hassan Hussein Al-Tamimi

The Martyr pilot has been born in 1962 in capital Baghdad. A year later he traveled to Romania to study electrical engineering. But he returned after a while because he could not live in exile and then returned to his homeland. Mr. Amir has joined to the University of Mosul (College of education) however, his love and passion for flying prevented its continuation in this College! he has a desire since childhood to become a pilot. The Martyr pilot has joined with the (college of the air force)... [Details]

Muhammad Baqir Alsadir

The great religious scientist Muhammad Baqir Alsadir was born in the Kathimiya city in Baghdad in 1933 A.D. His lineage belongs to Imam Mussa Alkathim* (peace be upon on him ); His father Haider Alsadir was one of the geniuses’ scientists of religion, and His mother the daughter of the great religious scientist Abdul-Hussein Ull-Yassin. Muhammad’s father died when he was in four years old, so he grew up on his mother’s hands. He learned the Islamic sciences by his brother Ismaael Alsadir. When... [Details]

Kassim Almubarqaa

The martyr Kassim Almubarqaa was born in Alsalihiya city/ Baghdad in year 1917. He studied in Baghdad until finishing the primary school; then he emigrated to Najaf province and finished his study in jurisprudence and elements of religion there. After a period of time his family transferred to Wasit province, but he returned to Baghdad; especially to Althawra city and there he became the representative of the religious scientist Muhsin Alhakem; and played a good role with directing the people in... [Details]

Bashar Rashed

The athletes group as the others’ groups in our society had its share from the injustice, the tyranny, and the oppression of the former regime of Saddam. A lot of athletes are executed, tortured, and displaced. Bashar was the star of our national ofpolice team football, and then the star of tournament. He began playing in the local playgrounds in Althawora city previously (Alsadir city now) with others stars like Falah Hassan and Kathim leebi who was the player of the national team. They played... [Details]

The bride of Kurdistan

The martyr Layla Kassim Hassan was born in December/1952 in Khanaqeen city. She completed primary and secondary School there; her father was a simple worker in Khanaqeen’s colander, and after his retirement he moved to Baghdad and lived there. Layla completes her University study in college of arts/sociology. She worked in journalism. With her brother Saam and her fiancé Jawad Al-hamindawi , affiliated to Democratic Kurdish party. She had been arrested with her fiancé and others comrades, who... [Details]

Sheik Arif AlBasri

The martyr Sheik Arif Abdul-Hussein AlBasri was born in Basra/ Al-Ashar in year 1937. He was a founding member in Al-Dawa Islamic party. He had a good personality and he was a respected man. He was educated and scientist from his childhood. He began the political act in the High school. He finished the secondary school in Basra, then he traveled to Al-Najaf and entered to the College of Jurisprudence, and he was a distinctive student. He graduated in year 1963. Then he traveled to Baghdad and began... [Details]

Abdul-sahib Dakhel

The martyr Abdul-sahib Dakhel was born on 1930 in Najaf province. He completed the secondary school in Najaf. After one year from establishing Al-dawa Islamic party he affiliated to it and became a member in Baghdad and Kathimiya's committee, then he had been charged with supervising on the secret magazine (Al-dawa voice) of the party. After a period of time he became a member in the general leadership of the party. He was supervising on the students' delegations. A lot of members in the... [Details]

Satar Khthair

The martyr Satar Khthair was born in Alkahalaa district / Mesan province in 1929; his family was famous with its nationality and faith to the country and the people presented a lot of services to the communist party. In the beginning of his age, satar found himself in the center of the national and the political work. He was distinctive in the study and plunged in the struggle. He leaded one of the large demonstrations of the uprising of December/ 1948 in Mesan. He completed the secondary school... [Details]

Salam Aadil

Salam Aadil is the alias-name of the martyr Hussein Ahmid AlRthi, who was born in AlNajaf Alashraf in 1922. He studied in Baghdad until graduation from the college of the primary teachers in 1943; in that college he began his political act. He worked in teaching in 1944 in Aldewaniya province and affiliated to the communist party there. Because of his distinctive activity in the party became an important member, but after a period of time, he had been revealed by the security forces, and he was dismissed... [Details]

The martyr MuhsinKathimAlhashumi, international swimmer and diamond expert

Today we remember a sport hero and brave man, who had been received a lot of sport prizes,he is the martyr MuhsinKathim Muhammad AbbassAlhashumi. He was born on 1/7/1961. He was a happy child and loved by a lot of the people of his city, Alshawakh, That nice city, which was locatedon the banks ofthe Tigris River. From his childhood he was a famous athlete practice the swimming, and he was love that sport passionately. As we mentioned that his house was located near the Tigris River, so that subject... [Details]

The martyr Fatimah Mahmood Albaldawi

She was born in 1910 in Balad city, part from Samaraa province. She is arrested in 8/7/1982 at the age of seventy years. She grew up in a religious and educated family. She was a symbol of a good woman married from a religious man. She supported the strugglers of the former regime. She was providing them with foods. In the night of 8/7/ 1982 the Baath men attacked her house and arrest all of the family, bond their eyes and hands and took them in the clothes of sleep to the place of popular army in... [Details]

The professor martyr Hassan Abdul-allah Khuthir Al-rubaii

The martyr was born on 1924 in Alhaiderkhanah city in Baghdad; He finished primary and secondary in Aljafaria School. He graduated from the central high school in Baghdad on 1942. He traveled to Beirut to study in the American university as a member in the mission of the Iraqi ministry of education. He graduated with honor degree/ the second stage on June 1950 and got Bachelor from the college of arts and sciences. On 1953 he got doctorate in sciences from Paris University with honor degree; He Also... [Details]

The martyr Radhi Nasir Alaboodi

He was born on 1953 in Baghdad city in a religious family. He grew up on the high values and the virtue morals. He completed the primary, secondary, and high school then he entered to Baghdad University/ college of arts/ Arabic language. From his childhood he was educated, high-minded, and religious. He was stable in his work and science and faithful to the religion and to the prophet “Mohammad”. When he was in 30 years became one of the most prominent characters of the city. He was specialist... [Details]

The innocent martyrs

Novels, stories, heroes, and heroines, who were carry the Legion of Honor. You be surprised when you hear their stories, which were written by the history. Sabir Hammed Hamzah and his wife Shatha Abdul-Hamzah with their two children were live in a family full of love and happiness. They were live in Karbala province / Alghadeer quarter. The eldest son ( Mushtaq ) was born on 1987 and the smallest one ( Ali ) was born on 1990. Sabir and his family were live with his parents. His mother was loved... [Details]

An orphan of a martyr

In a nice evening, my sweetheart parents took a picture on occasion of my first birth day the smile and the happiness was painted on their face. They were carrying me and I was sitting in their warm lap. I always looked at that picture cry and tell them that I missed them a lot. I have nothing; except that pure moment and beautiful picture, which was give me the hope of my father’s returning. In every anniversary to my birth day I dreamed in his returning to blow out the candle with me. The days... [Details]

The martyr Safeya Laftah Jassim

Safeya was born in 1962. She was a pupil in the final stage in the high school. She grew up with a culture and educated family. She adored the books reading especially the books about religion. She was write poet about Imam Hussein and his sister Zeinab*¹ who were an example of the braveness and resisting against the tyranny of Yazed Ibn Muaaoyaa*². She was interested with defining on Islam and resisting the Baath party by force. She affiliated to Aldawa Party and became one of the most prominent... [Details]

The martyr Abdul-allah Muhammad Jassim Aljuari

Abdul-allah was born on 1951 in Babil province / Almusaib area. He was the smallest childe in a family, which was consisting of six brothers. He entered in the primary school on 1958 in (Altahtheb) School. He completed the secondary and the high school with distinction. On 1969 he applied in Alsulaimaniya University, college of sciences, chemistry department. He was appointed in a military establishment for making the ammunition in Alexandria city. After a period of time he was travel to Yugoslavia... [Details]

The martyr Nizar Abdulmahdi Altaai

He was born in 1937 in Dyala province – Alkhlis region – the western area. He was from a religious family. He was a blind since childhood, but his situation didn’t prevent him from working. He had a bookshop for selling the books. He affiliated to Aldawa Islamic Party in 1969 by his brother (Mahdi Abdul-mahdi. Mahdi was a prominent struggler in Aldawa party and made a good operations against Saddam and Baath party. Martyr Nizar was help the poor families at these difficult circumstances. He... [Details]

The eternal life

Congratulations to the immortal martyrs, who sacrificed with their life. They left all of the life and didn’t care about the tyrants and their violence, as it happened at this frightful time and in this terrifying nights, which were fell on the Iraq and its people. The country filled with prisons. There were a lot of brave men. They resisted the Baath regime without any fear. The martyr Hadi Jumaa Salman Allami was one of those brave men. He began struggle when was in the first stage in the college... [Details]

Glories of light

Martyr Naji Muhammad Jabir Almuhamadawi and martyr Ahmad Muhammad Jabir Almuhamadawi It is rarely and unique to see like Mr. Abu Naji Almuhamadawi and his wife, those parents who represented a top of patience on the great problems that they faced during the previous hard years under the judgment of the dictatorship regime of Saddam and Baath party. The parents sacrificed with the most expensive things in their life, their sons. The father was an example to the patient and faithful man who... [Details]