Victims’ stories

The martyr Iyad Abdul Wahed Jassim Mohammed Al - Rubaie

The martyr was born in 1964 in the city of the Plaad, Mr. Akram was single. At the beginning of the 1982s where the security services to arrest and liquidate families in a campaign similar to the previous ones, which came after the Anfal and the blessed Shabaniyah.
At night, the security forces raided the house of the martyr. This is what happened with our martyr, where he was taken to the (Ishaqi police station) to witness the most severe forms of psychological and physical torture and transfer

The martyr Akram Hassan Mohamed Hamza Al - Hamzawi

The martyr was born in 1928 in the city of the Plaad, Mr. Akram was married, he his family. Mr. Akram was one of the agricultural landowners known for their abundant production, high water tables and quality of planting. At the beginning of the 1980s, a youth movement was launched against the Baath, including the children of the martyr Akram, where the oppressive apparatuses arrested their relatives to pressure them to surrender themselves.
This is what happened with our martyr, where he was

Mothers subdued the Baath party by their patience

The martyr Nazar Fadhil Hasson. He was born in 1962. He was a single and the only son to his family. He was belongs to Islamic al-Dawa party in al-Sadir city. He was struggled the Baath party by his patience, and he was known by resistance to its repressive ways. His family suffered a lot after his martyrdom. He was arrested more than one time and after long pursuit he left the city and went to his relative in al-Dewania province; after a period he missed to his family and especially his mother,... [Details]

Men from the period of ordeal

A brave group known by their patience, faith, patriotism, and resistance to the Baath party and its tyrant Saddam decided to struggle the injustice and made many attacks against the party’s centers. Heroic operations against the Baath supervisors the most important one was assassinating the minister of religious endowments of the former regime abdul-Allah Fadhil Abbass on 11/1/1997 after the implementation they left the country, and then they returned after a one year. Today we write about a brave... [Details]

The decision of employment Dr. abdul-Jabbar Abdul-Allah as a president of Baghdad University

Dr. Abdul-Jabbar born in Kalat Salih, Messan province on 1911, and he finished the high school in Baghdad on 1930. He had Bachelor’s degree of sciences from the American university in Beirut on 1934. He got doctorate in physics from Mesatshoset institution (MIT) for technology in United States, which is considered one of the highest institutions in the world. He employed as a professor and a president of department of physics in collage of education in Baghdad from 1949 to 1958, during this period... [Details]

The martyr Muhammad Shaial Al-Imshaani

Muhammad was at the age of 19th in 1981 and after completion the high school with distinction . His hope was to finish his university studying. He grows religious at the time that Al-Baath telltales write the reports on those people who they doubt by their loyalty to the regime, and because of these reports large attacks of arrests started without stopping. In short time most of his friends disappeared, so he wants to hide away, but his father prevented him because he thinks that a Man should arrest... [Details]

The prisoner Saadi

Saadi was small boy when he accompanied a group from his uncles and relatives when they were searching on his father who lose in strange way when he was go to the nationality directory in( Thee Qar) province at 1971 and in one winter day exactly at 20/12/1971, one of the police platoons found a corpse in the middle of (Tal Al-Lahim) desert which is lie between Al-Nassria and Al-Basra city and took it to Al-Nassria hospital and it seems that Al-Nassria security directorate watch the situation in exact... [Details]

Of the victims of Saddam's brutality - the story of, Rajaa Yohana Sabios

To my children and my brothers in the Popular Movement for the de-Baathification that you publish my story, please, in order to understand those who defend Saddam, to what extent disregard of human dignity in this country which his Baath iron and fire. Story: I'm a doctor born in 1943 working women's clinic, known Crown Victory Square in Baghdad was not interested in politics and do not care the social relations and in particular of women (I mean, women's friendships outside of the... [Details]

Bloody years, first season

The bloody years from (Aflaq) period The fate of who commercialized our blood 1937 the criminal Sadam was born, in 28 April as it is declared, (he has declared his birthday in 1980), from prostitute mother and rude and illiterate father in (Al Oja) village, this is a description of prostitute. 1956 or 1957 he has joined Al Baath party which is headed by (Aflaq), the meaning of (Aflaq) is (big vulva) 1959 was his first contact with (), (see United Press International,... [Details]

Painful memories with the Baath Party infidel .. Tell daughter of martyr.

Begin the painful memories and I'm trying hard to forget, starting when I was in the prime of life, as I was then nearly 11-year-old, where I grew up in a family committed to a numbering 11 people, 6 girls and 5 boys with my mother and my father, my father a father struggling compassionate who could to manage this large family, who insisted that everyone of their members to a university degree, whether male or female, no difference was important to complete the study and excellence. was working... [Details]

Witness on Baath crimes

A village has given (64) martyrs It is (Al-Mazdia) village which is located in the south of Babil province; it is linked to (AlMidhatia town- Al Hashimia district, This village is small in its area and its census, it was safe and settled, its people census is not more than (250) persons in 1991. As well as all Iraqi regions was not empty from some who have sold their consciences to the viler of Baath, a crime was committed by Baathists against a group of faithful youth from... [Details]

Tuz Khurmato city that adored the martyrdom tells the biography of the martyr, teacher Mohammed Abdullah Ali

The name of the Merciful God Tuz Khurmatu is located on the main road linking Baghdad and Kirkuk, the name of the city is Turkmen ((Dozkhormatu))means (salt, dates, and berries)). . . at the beginning of the seventies the revival Islamic current started as a principled Islamic organized efforts in Turkmen circles and many of the finest youth of the region opposed the communism and the Baath between 1980 - 1982 as well as in the blessed shaban revolution in 1991.... [Details]

This is one of the thousands of heinous crimes committed by Saddam

In one day Saddam Hussein decided to release thirty-five political prisoners in the year 1975, the day before release, issued an order to one of the workers in Iraqi regional leadership to go next morning to the (Tuwaythah) hospital to bring one hopeless patient (patients with tuberculosis – TB) and gave him an official letter and he telephoned the hospital to order them to this effect The following morning before the release of detainees who were at the age twenty tow, all of them were... [Details]

The story of the martyr Samir Noor Ali from difficult days book.

Samir Ghulam is the victim, which has become the straw that revealed hatred of the regime against the Faili Kurds whereas the regime had unprecedented forced displacement and denaturalization of the Iraqi citizenship from hundreds thousands of Faili randomly breaking all constitutions in the world, Samir Ghulam was the straw that finally ignited the Iran-Iraq war which burned every thing. Samir Noor Ali was in the third stage in the physics department at his martyrdom during the process of... [Details]


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