A national week for the mass graves… rather than the national day

The anniversary of the national day of the mass graves in Iraq was passed, which was in 16/5/ from every year, and it is the day of opening the first mass grave after the overthrowing the Baath regime (Saddam regime). That regime was killed a lot of Iraqi people and trespassed on the sanctities of human whether by the executions, chemical weapons, buried the citizens alive and other types of killing. Today we celebrated with the national day of mass graves, and we remember these savagery crimes,

Halabja … Martyrdom of a city

(If the injustice continued it will destroys)… It is an authenticated adage since that human write to its generation and next generations the texts of wisdom and authenticates it to be an article for moving its memory. This adage is one that the Iraqi people and society suffered a lot from it in many times and as the history authenticated it . It also authenticated its chapters, its heroes and heroines, its results, and all the suffering of the society. The history narrates that the injustice differed

The period of suffering

An old period had been gone, but it remained in the memory of Iraqi people. Which was spread fear, death, and fright in the poor’s lanes. When the tyrants killed the hungry people by the sword of savagery and the whip of destruction. It was the period of torture and death even that the tyrant Saddam is overthrow. Tyrants always fall by their victims, who are poor people: women, children, old men, and youths. The tyrant Saddam prevented them from happiness, life, and from everything makes... [Details]

The martyr

Speaking about martyrs differs from speaking about the others. The martyr is a human, but any human his blood was shed on the gibbets or by the bullets or buried alive or died during the torture and others methods of tyrants. For what? We will find this answer after studying the martyr's life, knowing his aims, his character, and his thoughts. Why does he choose this way? For any reason he sacrificed by himself and his possessions? … Many questions need to thinking before answer, so the martyr... [Details]

The establishment honesty is the case honesty

We can't see the mineral's origin from its shine, but the essence appears when the touchstone move to polish the appearance in order to showing the essence. The events when mix with each other, it will be the touchstone which the human can classify the essence of things by it. What happened in our country after the overthrew of the tyrant regime of Baath was a wise and fair touchstone in classifies people and differentiates the good from the bad. The first sign of classification is the hands purity... [Details]

Who steal us?

. Who steal us? The way of stealing has differed during the different period times according to change the social, economic and political level for the state, in the pre-Islamic age the robbers were waiting on the ways which link between the important commercial centers as gropes which prepare ambushes for the caravans passing from there which get ready for them by rent for persons protect caravan from robbers and the social tradition at this time was respect the robbers and describe them... [Details]

To those who the days or the years not erase their immortal memory

To those who the days or the years not erase their immortal memory To those who the days or the years not erase their immortal memory from the hearts of their sweets, to the pure sincere at the period of cheat and pollution, to the braves and faithful at the period of weakness and tremor, to my lords and my brothers who I didn't give them the right of faithfulness even as I wish, as well as what they deserve. To the great divine scholar and the sincere father to his sons,... [Details]

Who benefits from the national reconciliation...? Baathists or their victims?

which became certain to the observers of the political affairs, national reconciliation that put forward by the Prime Minister after his presidency in a series of concepts for the reform process after the fall of the former regime and to try to mitigate the consequences of the occupation phase, the conciliation has been fully misunderstood in the mind when politicians have sought to distort its purposes and objectives by counterfeiting in method serves even the criminals of the Baath as far as when... [Details]

An invitation for Iraqi people and orphans of martyrs to respond

For the holy places, which are pounded by this oppressive junta in Shabaan, for the martyrs and their pure blood, for the orphans of genocide, for everyone his stomach was smashed by criminal prostitute Baathist and chests stabbed in blessed revolution in Sha'baan, for our crying mothers, for our scientists and scientific personnel, which disappeared in the remote forgotten places, for our hoariness elderly, for millions who were thrown alive in the graves are discovered every day, to free Iraq from... [Details]

If the traffic on the Adhamiya

(Difference in the view not to spoil the cordiality) this category always used by some, when they disagreed with others to show to the world falsely (himself highness) and the denial of the self (although his desire to remove him), we suggest to modify this slogan so it does not leave any reason to anyone for the justification the differences, (the difference in everything, even in type must not spoil the desire to live together). Often differences in opinion between the individual and his brother... [Details]

Corpse in the Vegetable market the mother prays to him

In the afternoon, the vegetables market was crowded with the noise of fear whispering and pessimistic supposition, pickup security car is carrying the Corpse penetrated the market and going to his home, like all mothers in the market Nebiha Abdel Rasul Ali was living the tragedy of arrest her son the engineering student did not know any thing about him yet, she sighed to the young view in the car and she prayed for mercy and patience to his mother to bear the tragic and painful disaster. everything... [Details]

The unknown martyr …?

The unknown martyr …? Place of Birth: anywhere in our wronged Iraq. Date of birth: any moment of love the compassionate hands Extended to take the new born, and any moment the hands exceeded to surround this victim by fear and cruelty. Students from different grades, even from kindergarten. Respectable women from various ages Youth their ribs are opened to breezes of hope and men are full of determination and strength. Elderly men and women are full of faith,... [Details]

Who entered (Abu Sufyan house) is.....!

After long years of persecution repression, killings, torture, deportation, confiscation of movable and immovable property, wars and conspiracies led by Quraysh and its allies in the vicinity of the city of the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him), which he resorted with his followers in order to escape from their injustice, after all this, Almighty God granted the great victory to the believers on this deviant group, at the head (Abu Sufyan), who has used all his efforts to fight Islam and Muslims... [Details]