Al-Baaths` crimes

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In the document that number: 5171 has revealed that Askar Uda Salim AL- Fartoosi was the old man his birthday in 1912. He is nothing wrong in his life. The Directorate of general security in Saddam city they thought he makes threat for the Iraqi security because his son Hasan Askar was a member of the Al Daawa party agent. Therefore the Directorate of general security has recommended displacing Mr Askar from his working in the Mosque because of his son ideology. We understood from this document

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Shiite Uprising against Saddam Hussein regime in 1991

At the end of the Persian Gulf War in 1991, southern Shiites and northern Kurds rebelled against Hussein's regime. In retaliation, Iraq brutally suppressed the uprising, killing thousands of Shiites in southern Iraq. As supposed punishment for supporting the Shiite rebellion in 1991, Saddam Hussein's regime killed thousands of Marsh Arabs, bulldozed their villages, and systematically ruined their way of life. The Marsh Arabs had lived for thousands of years in the marshlands... [Details]

Anfal Campaign

Officially from February 23 to September 6, 1988 (but often thought to extend from March 1987 to May 1989), Saddam Hussein's regime carried out the Anfal (Arabic for "spoils") campaign against the large Kurdish population in northern Iraq. The purpose of the campaign was to reassert Iraqi control over the area; however, the real goal was to eliminate the Kurdish problem permanently. The campaign consisted of eight stages of assault, where up to 200,000 Iraqi troops attacked... [Details]

The dark side of Saddam Hussein period

One of the most crimes in the time Saddam Hussein rule was the reprisal against Dujail. On July 8, 1982, Saddam Hussein was visiting the town of Dujail (50 miles north of Baghdad) when a group of Dawa militants shot at his motorcade. In reprisal for this assassination attempt, the entire town was punished. More than 140 fighting-age men were apprehended and never heard from again. Approximately 1,500 other townspeople, including children, were rounded up and taken to prison, where... [Details]

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Prevent from travel

This document has been shown the Baath regime policy against people who believe in communists ideology. In Baath time, it's not allowed to everyone have relation or be a member of any party such as communists or Islamic Dawa Party Below the information that reveals Baath regime policy; General Manager Baghdad security requested by its letter 11/36961 in 22/2/1984 that attached herewith, preventing the travel of ( Muthanna Abdul Hadi Mohmmod) , because Iraqi airlines... [Details]

How Saddam Hussein Gave Us ISIS

Whom should we blame for the Islamic State? In the debate about its origins, many have concluded that it arose from the American-led coalition’s errors after the 2003 invasion of Iraq. In fact, the groundwork for the emergence of the militant jihadist group was laid many years earlier by the government of Saddam Hussein. The Arab nationalist Baath Party, which seized power in 1968 in a coup in which Mr. Hussein played a key role, had a firmly secular outlook. This held through the 1970s,... [Details]

How Saddam’s men help Islamic State rule

From military forces to spying, former Baathists are a powerful factor in the rise and control of Islamic State. A look inside the group's surveillance operation shows how Mohannad is a spy for Islamic State. He eavesdrops on chatter in the street markets of Mosul and reports back to his handlers when someone breaks the militant group’s rules. One man he informed on this year – a street trader defying a ban on selling cigarettes – was fined and tortured by Islamic State fighters, according... [Details]

The crimes of the former regime

Introduction In the history tyrants … and killers but not like (saddam) the dictator of this time. This person known by bloodshed, killing and injustice. So we did not read about a ruler exaggerated by killing his people, destruction his army, his country economy and even his intimates and family then he destroyed himself because he deserve this destruction and this is the fate of all the tyrants and because he was a tyrant from special kind. So we will mention examples from the wrong... [Details]