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Al-Shuhada Foundation celebrates the 11th anniversary of the execution of Saddam's tyrant

صورةBy remembering to inflict a just retribution on the tyrant of the Times "Saddam", a tyrant who has never known recent history. The Martyrs Foundation held a ceremony marking the anniversary of the death sentence against the tyrant in a statement to the Vice-president.

The ceremony was attended by the Vice-President of the Martyrs Foundation, Mr. Kazim Aouid Massoud, and the Director-General of the Department of Victims of Terrorism, Mr. Tariq al-Mandalawi, as well as the head of the prisoners.

In a speech to the Vice-President of the foundation during the ceremony, he said: "There are two occasions that the world and Iraq are celebrating the execution of the dictator and the Iraqi national sovereignty.

"The Baathist regime has not only carried out executions and oppressed the Iraqi people," he said. It has been transformed into neighbour's countries and after the liberation of the country from this Baathist regime.

However, it has produced armed groups working to disrupt security in Iraq through the terrorist organization ISIL.
He paid tribute to the supreme reference opinion in rescuing the country and forming the popular crowd, whose sacrifices and the sacrifices of the armed forces had liberated the motherland.

The ceremony included a theatrical presentation of sacrifices, security forces championships and the popular crowd, and a number of poets gave poems that had sung in Iraq.