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Mass Graves Day

صورةOn this day every a year, Iraqi people recall a painful memory. It was the day of mass graves, which came to commemorate the lives of thousands of Iraqi martyr's. Who are absent from the system of annihilated resurrection, and his ears from the takfiris and the terrorists.  In mass graves day will remain a testament to the magnitude of the crime committed against the Iraqi citizens.

Since the first day of Al-shuhadaa Foundation has worked on research and excavation of the remains of missing persons. Over a period of time, it was able to discover more than 301 mass graves.  The remains of (4968) martyrs are included. The mass graves service was able to draw upon specialists in the field of excavation of the remains of the martyrs.  To achieve significant achievements. It was able to reach areas that were under the control of ISIS terrorist organization.

It has opened many cemeteries in the governorates of Salah al-Din, Anbar and Ninewa as well other areas. In coordination with the Ministry of Health, represented by the Department of Forensic Medicine and other international organizations that provided logistical support.

AL-Shuhadaa Foundation continuously promotes the skills of mass graves workers.  In terms of documenting and archiving all the exploration of mass graves. The number of mortal remains discovered in each cemetery. In addition to the sampling of the martyrs ' relatives for the purpose of matching DNA. With the remains discovered, the President of the Foundation has conducted accurate statistics so that governmental and non-governmental actors and the general public can access them.

To sum up, AL-Shuhadaa Foundation calums all members of Iraqi society to participate actively in remembering the day of mass graves. Which falls on 16/May each year. For today's humanitarian connotations, the courage and steadfastness of future generations are bestowed on it. To stand against evil no matter how his names and forms differed.