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The martyr Akram Hassan Mohamed Hamza Al - Hamzawi

صورةThe martyr was born in 1928 in the city of the Plaad, Mr. Akram was married, he his family. Mr. Akram was one of the agricultural landowners known for their abundant production, high water tables and quality of planting. At the beginning of the 1980s, a youth movement was launched against the Baath, including the children of the martyr Akram, where the oppressive apparatuses arrested their relatives to pressure them to surrender themselves.
This is what happened with our martyr, where he was taken to the (Ishaqi police station) to witness the most severe forms of psychological and physical torture and transfer him to the desert of the courtyard (Shihaat).
Furthermore, Baath regime attached his wife and the rest of the family to be taken to an unknown destination and absent their news until the fall of the idol in 2003, where he found the provisions of the images confirm the execution without a grave or body.
This was only information about the martyr.