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The martyr Iyad Abdul Wahed Jassim Mohammed Al - Rubaie

صورةThe martyr was born in 1964 in the city of the Plaad, Mr. Akram was single. At the beginning of the 1982s where the security services to arrest and liquidate families in a campaign similar to the previous ones, which came after the Anfal and the blessed Shabaniyah.
At night, the security forces raided the house of the martyr. This is what happened with our martyr, where he was taken to the (Ishaqi police station) to witness the most severe forms of psychological and physical torture and transfer him to the desert of the courtyard (Shihaat).
After 2003, his family found Mr Iyad the provisions of the images confirm the execution without a grave or body.
This was only information about the martyr.