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The martyr Bassel Abdul Rasool Abdul Wahab Al – Rubaie

صورةMr. Bassel Abdul Rasoul Al-Nour was born in the town of Balad in 1959 from a famous family in the field of science and education. His father was the martyr (Abdul Rasul Abdul Wahab)
Mr. Bassel was educated in a school in Balad and received a diploma from the teachers' institute. After graduating, he was appointed a teacher at a Tarmiya school in Balad.
The martyr was arrested from his office to the security office of Balad, where he was subjected to the most severe psychological and physical torture. One hour later his brother (Fuad) was arrested at his workplace.
After a week of torture, Mr. Bassel was transferred to the notorious Tikrit Security Directorate and then sent to the General Security and charged with belonging to the Islamic Dawa Party. Furthermore, there was severely tortured and then transferred to the court of the revolution cursed image, which was headed by the criminal Awad al-Bandar. Where he was sentenced to death by hanging .however, his family did not know about him until documents were found confirming the number of deaths in 2003.