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AL-Shuhadaa Foundation continuous work to obtain the housing parcels for the martyr's familie

صورةThe director of the Al-Diwaniyah Martyrs Directorate discussed with the Governor of Diwaniyah "the ownership of residential plots. Of the Martyrs ' relatives (martyrs of the Baath crimes, martyrs of the popular crowd, martyrs and victims of terrorist attacks and wounded).

The governor of Diwaniyah, Dr. Sami al-Hasnaoui, insisted on "serious follow-up with the relevant circles to complete the titling of land parcels. For the martyr's families, showing that a great deal of administrative work has been done on this issue.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Al-Bahawi thanked all those who had contributed to the facilitation of administrative procedures. By all the departments concerned and thanked. In addition to the Governor, for all his efforts in serving the martyrs.