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President of the Republic: the Rights of martyrs is a national duty

صورةThe President of the Republic of Iraq, Mr. Barham Saleh, received at the Peace Palace the head of AL-Shuhadaa Foundation, Ms. Najeh Abdul Amir. The meeting included a detailed explanation of the achievements of the foundation and the services it provides to the martyrs ' families.

The nature of the problems that facing AL-Shuhadaa Foundation work, the President of the Foundation stated that the work of the institution stems from the martyr's role in building society.

Mr. President listened to the most important impediments to the delivery of rights to the Martyrs ' families, as stipulated in the institution's law.  He stressed that the rights of martyrs are a national duty and that all the joints of the State have the responsibility to serve the martyr's families. He pointed out that the government prioritizes financial benefits as the Iraqi martyr's families who gave the country the most precious of what he owns.

For his part, the President of the Republic promised to put in place new mechanisms to serve the Iraqi martyr, appreciating the efforts of the foundation in glorifying the martyr's families and making the precious and valuable for their service.