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Tender No. 7/2013

Tender No. ( 7/2013 ) for the foundation of the directorate of the martyrs of Baghdad
Martyrs foundation announces the re-announcement above public tender within the investment budget allocations for the year 2013 and at a cost of speculative amount (22, 160, 637,000) Twenty-two billion and one hundred and sixty million and six hundred and thirty-seven thousand Iraqi dinars. For contractors and Arab companies and foreign who have representative offices registered inside Iraq experienced and competent willing to participate in the tender above attach with headquarters martyrs foundation in ( Jadiriya town) near of the bridge to the tender documents and the conditions for one million Iraqi dinars (1,000,000) non-refundable, to be submitted bids in Two-mail envelops sealed and closed and signatures on them by the managing director or deputy director technician and either circumstance the first envelope containing the technical proposal and the second envelope contains a trade displayed contract agreement includes supporting and archives documents and the company certificate of incorporation and business management certificate previously completed and codification prices by the number and typing with details and the website co. and e-mail for the bidder with provide initial insurance by (1%) the offer amount and banking bail not less than (150) days from the date of the closure of the tender. The bid exist to (120) days from date of closure of the tender and may not write off any of the conditions of the tender or make an amendment which noted that the company is not obliged to accept the lowest bid to offer bids to the department of the contractors in the headquarters of the institution above tender and ends at (12:00) on Sunday afternoon day on 30.06.2013 and bear lay the tender wages publishing and advertising.

Dr. Amer Hassan Alkhozai
Ch. Of martyrs' foundation

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